Wednesday, 7 November 2018

“I’m Beginning to Think Nigeria is NOT One” – Okorocha

Ukaegbu E. ukaegbu wrote:


Pro-Biafra protesters in Imo State using government apparatus, he did not think a time will come when he would need Igbo solidarity to move on. IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu and other well meaning individuals warned him and yet he thought that persecuting Biafrans will push him across any river he wants to cross. Now is the time for reckoning and he is already crying like a baby. Below is a quote from his recent statement where he tries to play “I’m Igbo card”.

“Some cabals in high places are fighting to bring me down at all cost just because “I am an Igbo man, The same people who hail my very good friend Tinubu are still the ones turning around to call me Emperor, accusing me of trying to create a political dynasty in Imo. I’m beginning to think we are not one in this country”

What’s your take?

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