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I don't care what you say, Waec or no waec i will still win , after all a good leader needs no certificate - Buhari Shocks Nigerians

By Eric Patrick,

President Buhari who was criticize by Nigerians and other political party like PDP over forged waec certificate and his inability to provide INEC the original result has confidently say , that waec or without waec he is going to win the 2019 presidential election.

I have a bigger plans for this country but Nigerians can never be patient , we must work together to make a better nation. a good leader doesn 't need a certificate to deliver, i can make things right again he says.

Buhari said : “ Critics will always try to poke holes in things even if there is nothing to criticize some people are so contentious so they would not be satisfied with anything i do .

According to reports , INEC rejected the waec certificate president Buhari presented, as for now no news has been reveal if the INEC are still demanding for Buhari 's certificate .

More soon . ..


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