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“Buhari Didn’t Attend Paris Summit” – Kanu Insists, threatens to reveal more secrets 

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has revealed why President Muhammadu Buhari allegedly didn’t attend the Paris summit in France.

Kanu in a live broadcast monitored by 9news Nigeria Correspondent allegedly said Buhari is fake and from Sudan and that’s why he couldn’t attend the summit.

In his words,
“In a very short and simple sentence, Jubril is from Sudan. He did not attend the submit in Paris and never returned on Tuesday.”

“Nigerians where watching and this fake Sudanese Man was boarding the aircraft, but Surprise Surprise, they didn’t show where he landed in Paris.”
“Some of you will ask, if he is shown whenever he lands, but the truth is that, when the real Buhari traveled he shows himself, whenever he lands in other countries.”

“If you are sensible any Church attended by Yemi Osinajo and Femi Adesina, I pity you.”
“As long as they covered this fraud, they are liars.

You claim you are an elite and intellectual, but there is no running water in your community. You are hopeless like a baboon in Jerusalem zoo. With all your certifications, you are making use of generating set in your village.”

“You have people today km Channels T.V talking nonsense. They are all in this together and don’t want Jubril to be exposed, so he won’t deny them access to money.

They are not interested in the truth, but looting.”

“Nigeria politicians are thieves.”
“Britain gave Northerners power because, they are not educated and will not counter them. I want some of you to go and watch ‘Jango Unchange’ and you learn a lot. Some of you watch movies without learning from it, but I pick out the lesson.”

“In fact I ask every IPOB Family member, to get it.”

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