Breaking!!! Poison Kills Multiple Citizens As Man seen applying insecticide to beans in Lagos

- A rather disturbing video of a man spraying insecticide on beans just before his fellow sellers pack it for sale has gone viral
- From all indications, the young men use the dangerous process to preserve the food
- It is then sold to unsuspecting citizens who ingest the apparently poisoned food
Not enough care can be taken when purchasing food items from the market, especially when there are no regulatory bodies that ensure harmful products are not sold to citizens. Recently a lot of internet users were left speechless when a video of a man spraying insecticide on beans, just before two other men pack it for sale, surfaced online.

Their justification was that the chemical is used to preserve the beans by killing the little bugs that are known to crowd the brown-seeded protein. However, the chemical chosen is known to be harmful when ingested, which in effect means that whoever ends up with the food, might be in danger once they eat it.

Recall that recently, shared a viral photo of a group of female traders washing their vegetable in dirty river. Exposing the food to all manner of diseases that can't be seen with naked eyes.

The clip was shared by a certain Farmhouse2016 on Instagram, who advised that people start considering growing their own food instead of using their money to buy things that can harm them in more ways than one.

Meanwhile, just recently, a housemaid identified as Taibat poisoned her boss' food with insecticide leading to death of one and four, hospitalized.

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