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BREAKING!!! Biafra Pastors Sends Strong Warning to Yoruba Churches in S'East, Others Over Nnamdi Kanu 


The General Oversea 
Attention: Pastor Enoch Adabayo

Dear cleagy,

We the above body wish to timely and consciously bring to your notice that we as a people will no longer trolate any further abuse, insults and threats to our gallant son Nnamdi Kanu from any Yuroba Pastor or yourself particularly whose through Biafrans and in biafra soil has a florishing ministries to stop spiritless threats to our son Nnamdi Kanu before we will be push to stop every Biafrans from attending any Yuroba man's church in biafra land.

Sir, you will agree with us that Biafran people are very torelance, hard working, visionary, purposeful, idealogical, spiritfilled, peace loving, goalsetters above all heavenly conscious.

Biafrans has been very supportive to Yuroba owned churches even when biafrans Pastors efforts in your churches are not well appreciated, the God of lsrael our son Nnamdi Kanu always Preach about is the God that created heaven and earth that has always proven our son right on every words that processed out of his mouth which we all are witness to it in Nigeria.

However, next time you open your mouth against our son Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB agitating for the restoration of Biafra will shall publicly show the world what you preach as to accertain if you are still a Christian or a candidate for heaven.

Nnamdi Kanu has the right to agitate for the better condition of Biafran people in Nigeria.RCCG general oversea please sir, whomever councils you are acting upon try to be careful as not to disunity the churches because Nnamdi Kanu has not been working against the church of Christ as much as we know and will not do so.

Remember we have closely watch you for not saying anything or granting press conference when Christians are openly murdered in Nigeria.

We are hopeful that our open letter would be of your interest as a pastor.

Best regards 

Pastor Kennedy Johnson 
The National Presiding Coordinator

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