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Biafra: Panic Erupts Nigeria Govt As Northerners Keeps Vigil To Listen to Nnamdi Kanu’s Scheduled Broadcast few hours from now - Report

There seems to be greater interest among the Northerners resident in the South Eastern part of the country, as the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu girds loins to address his people.

‘we learnt that the Popular ‘Ogbe-Hausa and ‘Sabongeri’ areas of the country are witnessing reverberating  signals of the Radio Biafra as IPOB supporters as well as the Hausa communities have permanently switched their radio frequency selectors to ‘Radio Biafra’ in a bid to listen the to Kanu’s speech slated to be aired within the weekend.

One would ponder on the interest of the non Igbo Community such as the Hausas on a station that is of no cultural benefit to the said people.

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