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"I won't be Happy if Nigeria Divides", Says Chris Oyakhilome

WARRI— THE President of Believers Love World, aka Christ Embassy , Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has said despite the economic woes that has led to hunger in the country, there is hope of Nigeria’s recovery, “if we anchor on God.”

Chris Oyakhilome
He stated this, yesterday, during a Church service to mark Nigeria’s 58th independence anniversary at the Church premises, Effurun, Delta State.

According to him, nobody can develop Nigeria except Nigerians and that there is nothing God cannot do.

He said: “I see Nigeria being a great country again by the grace of God,” noting that the Church has helped many communities such as Igbudu, Agbasa, Iyara and some schools with medical and clothing materials, among others.

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  1. These 're the cankerworm, the caterpillars, the locust and the palma worm the 're consuming the WEALTH of Biafrans.
    They came in forms of Churches formed by Yoruba, Hausa-fulani, Edo and from middle belt. These Churches 're filled up by the Biafrans whom through their emotional attachment in seeking and searching for their TRUE GOD contribute 50-65% of the Church FUND at home and abroad.
    Ask Adegboye of redeem church he will say the same thing, ask Oyedepo he will announce it for all to hear that he want the zoo Islamic terror government of the Caliphate to remain.
    Try to ask Kumuyi he will be the first to condemn any man who wishes to change the status cue ante in their Nigeria.
    Apart from The lords chosen church, which is founded by a Biafran but only functions properly in Lagos because of Igbo Biafrans who controls 40% of the economy of the state in Yoruba land, no other mega indigenous church is presided over by a TRUE Biafra, you can check.
    Everything in the Islamic terror government controlled by the illiterate inept Hausa-fulani savages/the Yorubas monitored, supervised and led by the British is geared towards strangulation of Biafrans in general.
    Igbo Biafrans must return to their original God of Israel as covenant children, by first begin to keep Saturday (SABBATH DAY HOLY).
    We must begin to separate ourselves from the heathen nations who use Christianity to lure us into further sins against YAHWEH CHIUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA the creator of the univers.
    Then when we call he God will answer, as we search for him we shall find him and as we knock on the DOOR OF POLITICAL FREEDOM it shall be granted unto us.


    Benjamin Kish
    writes for 700MEN


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