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What we’ll do if US, EU, UK continue to cause problems in Nigeria after observing elections – APC chieftain, Salvador

A former Lagos State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Moshood Salvador, has asked the United States of America, USA, United Kingdom, UK, and European Union, EU, to stop interfering in Nigerian politics.

According to Salvador, the interference of the international bodies was heating up the polity in the country, adding that the international bodies will not be invited to observe elections again if they continue causing problems.

Salvador, now a chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, told Independent that Osun election was free, fair and very peaceful and wondered why the international community wanted to cry more than the bereaved.

“The international community should not make nonsense of all the efforts of the players at the Osun election; it is high time they stopped all that in this country, they should not come to Nigeria to created problems for us. Nigerians are wiser now,” he said.

“Boko Haram is there, and we have not seen much of their efforts to curtail their activities, we expect them to appreciate our efforts,” he added.

“They (UK, US) are just observers and we would not allow them to come and create problems for us because we invited them to come and observe, except they would not want us to invite them again,” he said.

“Osun election was another development in the life of our democracy; it is a fantastic development that Nigeria democracy has shown in the technicality of election decisions. Everything that was done was in line with the regulations of our elections and the conduct of participants showed that we are now democratically of age.

He noted that it was normal for anyone who had lost to get disgruntled, noting that even in the US, when Democrats lose, they would point accusing fingers at the Republicans and vice versa, maintaining that there was nothing extraordinary with what PDP had been saying about that election.

“Losers must find excuses to justify their positions,” he said.

He commended the INEC, APC and PDP, adding that the opposition party fought gallantly, even though it lost the election.

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