WAR LOOM!!! "Nigerian government should never threaten Israel again in their life or face the consequences  ___ Isreal Defense minister warns 

If Nigeria government threaten the peace of our nation again,

there will be serious problem between the two countries.

This may sound like a joke but I kept wondering why they should threaten a country because of one man's life which may result to destruction of many lives.

The defense president of Israel earlier said today that, he has already had enough of threats from Nigeria government because of a man called KANU.

We recently read several letters and news that Nigerian soldiers will attack Israel of the Israeli government refuse to deport NNAMDI KANU in the next 14days. This was a serious threat no nations peace and this has lead to reactions from different arms of government in our country.

You should know it well that nnamdi kanu is now under the protection of the international community and no country or human being has any right to abuse his right or harm him.

In case of any threat again from Nigerian government, there will be a serious war between Israel and Nigeria. Never you threaten our country with destruction or war again or you will face our anger.
WAR LOOM!!! "Nigerian government should never threaten Israel again in their life or face the consequences  ___ Isreal Defense minister warns  WAR LOOM!!! "Nigerian government should never threaten Israel again in their life or face the consequences  ___ Isreal Defense minister warns  Reviewed by EDITOR on Friday, October 26, 2018 Rating: 5

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