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UN: Biafra Nation is Eminent whether endorsed by World leaders or not, it must be restored - I Assure You

It is very unfortunate that people now presume the unpresumable. How on earth will people believe that giving Ndi Igbo vice Presidential candidate will eclipse the struggle for the actualization of the sovereign state of Biafra. I have seen many foolish idiocy in the Nigeria political space but not to this level. I have come to understand that people easily equate others with what they are. She is a prostitute, she thinks everybody is like her. He is mad, he walks around calling others mad people.

That some South Westerners took to Facebook to say that Ndi Igbo has jettisoned the Biafra struggle shows that the Yoruba people thinks that the reason they started OPC is the reason IPOB was born. How wrong can they be without knowing it. Or could it be that they know the truth but claim ignorance. Gone are the days South Western Media shapes the minds of Biafrans. Making some of them spew belittling words about themselves. Biafrans now leads and others follow.

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  1. It's a shame the things that is going on in this country yet some people are still talking election 2019 really sorry for some people in this country.what else do you want to see happen before you will understand that the game is over .


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