Wednesday, 31 October 2018

"Give Nnamdi KANU What he Wants, He Needs Calabar, Warri and port Harcourt sea ports to be opened" - Asari Dokubo Blows Hot, Tells Nigeria Govt to Obey. 


>>Nnamdi Kanu want Calabar, Warri and pH sea ports to be opened..

>>Nnamdi Kanu want Enugu, Owerrie and pH airports to be made international airports so that there will be direct flights from these airports to all over the world.

>>Nnamdi Kanu didn't tell buhari or whoever that cares  to build airports or seaports in Umuahia so that he can travel from his father's compound to Israel or UK, but he made a demand which will favor everybody including the unborn and those who hated him.. why then should you hate this man?

>>Those importers in Alaba market, Ariara market, new market, Onitsha ,Ochanja market, Enugu, pH, those of of you who relocated from East to Lagos just because you want were it will be easy for you  be facilitating your business, those of you who have to travel all the way from East to Lagos just to bail your goods and as a result of countless roadblocks you incurred more expenses that make your goods more costly... 

>>People like Innoson and co, yet you hated Nnamdi Kanu, you called IPOB jobless, you careless when their rights are being trampled upon, but the same jobless are fighting to give your job more meaningful...
Can you see? 
What an irony ?

Those of you who hated this man when he was even fighting for you...
shame is on you!
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