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Nigerians Finally react: Nnamdi Kanu’s call for Igbos to boycott 2019 

Atiku would lose a lot of the already miserly South East votes, giving Buhari an advantage. And Ndigbo will remain in Nigeria under a president who hasn’t hidden his disdain for them. At a point, Igbo people have to start asking if Nnamdi Kanu is really with them or against them.

Some of the most important questions my fellow Igbo people ought to be asking themselves now is : As a political force, is Nnamdi Kanu presently unifying Igbo people or reigning confusion in them?

Do we need to unite and stand a chance of becoming something more than a political laughing stock or do we need to remain divided and as always be overlooked in the grand scheme of things?

The forthcoming 2019 Presidential Election, is a Quasi Referendum for Ndigbo. Since 1983, after Chief Alex Ekwueme, then Vice President was sacked alongside his boss, Shehu Shagari through a coup. No Igbo man has risen to that spot again.
Uwazurike Urges Igbos To Shun Nnamdi Kanu’s No Election Broadcast

So, if there’s a chance that an Igbo man, Peter Obi will rise to that spot if the opposition party (PDP) wins, it behoves on Ndigbo to fully support this Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi joint ticket. As regards Nnamdi Kanu’s call on members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), to boycott next year’s poll, I say NO.

The bigger picture for me is restructuring the centrifugal Nigerian State, and thus returning to the path of True Fiscal Federalism as practiced in the First Republic (1960-1966).

At this auspicious moment, Ndigbo must realise that Democracy is not a spectator sport. If Ndigbo are serious about improving our country and ensuring our government reflect our values, then Ndigbo cannot afford to boycott particularly the 2019 Presidential Election.
It would amount to Igbos losing on all sides – Olutayo Irantiola, PR Consultant

Every Igbo man has a right to vote and be voted for. However, it should be noted that they can all decide to support and vote for their candidates of choice at all levels of governance. Taking to Kanu’s advice will not stop the election from taking place and it won’t stop elected officers from being sworn in.

As such, it would amount to losing out on all sides, because they can decide to support a candidate of choice and massively vote for the person regardless of the political party that houses the candidate.
There is need to massively educate his (Kanu’s) followers, so that they will not be a threat to national peace and tranquility before, during and after the elections. We all have roles to play in making the nation better.

Nigerians have nothing to fear about Nnamdi Kanu’s call to boycott 2019 elections, since we would be working with a few countries to safeguard our territory. Israel has debunked the news about him being in their country anyway, but the Minister of Information already said he is a mere distraction from the forthcoming elections. All Kanu is after is to cause an uproar in the political system and also create awareness for Biafra.

He will play a fast one on Igbos – Eseri Obatarhe, Fashion manager
Nnamdi Kanu will play a fast one on Igbos. He will form a political party at the very last minute, claiming that it is the only way to actualize Biafra and get voted into the National Assembly alongside other Nigerian politicians. He has this all planned out and we would be foolish not to see where all this is going.

We shouldn’t also forget that if Gowon had adhered to Aburi accord, Ojukwu wouldn’t have declared Biafra. Now the shout for restructuring is loudest more than ever before. If Nnamdi Kanu is smart, he should change his narrative to Aburi Accord (True fiscal federalism). Kanu should key into restructuring.


  1. The writer of this article is a compound idiot and brain dead educated lunatic whom his level of education is control by an illiterate in whom he is a folower.

  2. Stupid fool, we have been voting sinice 58 years what have we gain nothing but English and grammers. When they kill out brothers what did you do now they are coming with another war called python dance won't you talk and stop them. Stupid fool.

  3. Stupid Yoruba man,who do you want to deceive? Why wouldn't you spot and campaign for one indivisible Nigeria that never worked since creation, your problems are that Yorubas are lazy,the contraption called Nigeria is the only place you can hide your laziness and be collecting oil allocation from other regions without contributing to the Nation,living together is not by force, Nigerian state should conduct referendum for Biafra Exit.


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