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"We Met Online before marrying" - Lady Explains How she started 3years relationship in Radio Biafra page

A Biafra lady in her supreme pleasure, alerted the public domain how she eventually met her hubby in an online platform which she explained that the relationship lasted for 3years before their traditional wedding.

ECO CITY REPORTERS, gathered that Blessing Ada Ukelonu who is a profiled member of Biafra restoration struggle, got happily married to Prince of Mbieri a hardcore Supporter of Biafra freedom.

Their Story reads below
"3 years relationship that started on Radio Biafra page”: The story of the Bride

Two hardcore Biafra activists fighting for the restoration of sovereignty state of Biafra finds love. The bride in her own words has this to say.

"Two die hard Biafra activists met and decided to marry..
3 years relationship that started on Radio Biafra page.
It was funny but we were there weathering the storm when some were still confused about Biafra, he always comes to my rescue when encountering some comments...Our relationship was first based on our love for our nation Biafra, then it went far.
You see me so strong in this struggle is because I have a strong pillar at my back, we are true disciples of Nnamdi Kanu,and when you have a man who is versed in the things of this struggle you will go far. His supports have been amazing.

I can say Chukwuokike gave me the best, the kind I've been looking for all those years, a hardworking Biafra man who is not lazy but an employer of labour, a caring loving man who's only concern is for everyone around him to be happy, who’s willing to lift his woman to any height she wants to attain.
I've been afraid of this journey but I know with the right person we will scale through.
I love you my Prince of Mbieri.
May Chukwuokike guide us on our ways."

Congrats comrades we wish you the best in your marriage.

Congrats Blessing Ada Ukelonu

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