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"We may Lose the country one day, Nigeria is on a Life Support Living in Danger" - Ben Bruce 

Ben Bruce, Senator representing Bayelsa East constituency, has lamented on the current situation of Nigeria, described the country as in life support.

Bruce who made the statement on Friday, calls for need to salvage the situation by restructuring the country to avoid death.

According to a post on his social media page obtained by Orsu24news, he said the center of the country may no longer hold as the coutry is borrowing more than what it produces.

He called on Nigerians to be wise and vote a candidate who will restructure the country to avoid death.

His post Reads:
“Nigeria needs restructuring. We cannot carry on like this.

“Something must give or the center may no longer hold.

“We are currently borrowing more than what we are making.

“Nigeria is on life support.

“We must be wise and avoid death by electing a man who will restructure in 2019.

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