Let's Join hands together and make Nigeria great" - Peter Obi 

Mr Peter Obi, who was speaking at a lunch meeting he had with online publishers in Lagos on Sunday, said the problems in Nigeria can be traced to the doorsteps of leaders who do not have the interest of the people at heart and with that comes hunger, starvation, joblessness and all of these lead to the anger in the land.
Let Us Join Hands To Make Nigeria A Better Place – Peter Obi

” Nigeria is going through a very difficult path and we all need to take a proper look and see how we can contribute our quotas to help the country out of the woods. We need to share thoughts and ideas to see how we can overcome these problems.

There is gross incompetence by the leaders while the quality of leadership is very low. The drivers of the Nigerian vehicle have never had clear directions going by the great potentials for greatness that Nigeria has,” he began.

“There is a sense of hopelessness in Nigeria and that is why you see all the agitation for Biafra. We need to admit that we have had it wrong for years and we need to correct the anomaly and take Nigeria to where it is supposed to be. It is a lack of willingness by our leaders that we find ourselves where we are today.

Nigeria was a signatory to the Millenium Development Goals [MDGs] and the eight cardinal points which could make any country great were outlined but after 10 years of existence, Nigeria has failed to achieve a single point out of the eight.

Leadership has nothing to do with appointments. We need visionary and focused leadership to make Nigeria great again. One thing we need to know is that leadership is not a popularity contest, neither does the ability to make great speeches show you have integrity.

I go around to other countries to see how they got it right and it would shock you to know that a country like Rwanda who came out of a devastating war only recently have repositioned their economy and it is far ahead of Nigeria.

Go to countries like Kenya, Uganda and even Ghana and you will weep for Nigeria. It is only in Nigeria where the cost of governance is so huge you will wonder what our political leaders do to deserve such huge amount of money they give to themselves.

We borrow money to service our leaders while the masses wallow in poverty and we cannot continue this way. I am very concerned about Nigeria. People keep asking me why I talk so much about the problems in Nigeria and not Anambra State but I always tell them that I have moved past Anambra. I am concerned for my country.

I don’t talk because I just want my voice to be heard neither do I want any political post or money. I say this all the time that I do not need money. Before I became Governor of Anambra State, I was into business and I have investments that I fall back on.

Let's Join hands together and make Nigeria great" - Peter Obi  Let's Join hands together and make Nigeria great" - Peter Obi  Reviewed by EDITOR on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Rating: 5

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