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"Nigerian Journalists more deadly than terrorists.., fear them" - Biafran Activist spits fire 

The terrorist groups in Nigeria have taken more innocent lives of citizens than the figures been reported by the Nigerian journalists. When ten (10) is stated in the ratio of one (1) and twenty (20) in the ratio of two (2), you begin to see the masses living in delusion and not knowing the actual danger ahead of them.

Just recently, after Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra made it clear through a radio broadcast that he never jumped bail as he was preparing for the court before the brutal and unannounced military invasion at his home, the Vanguard Newspaper came up with a headline “Why I Jumped Bail – Nnamdi Kanu” to confuse their readers.

In a cultured society, journalists represent the lamplight of the people. In dealing with their adversities, journalists become a guiding light of direction and strength. In Nigeria, no journalist had taken up the responsibility of digging deep into the profile of any corrupt politician. Instead, they go on board concocting all manner of good news in favour of these corrupt leaders in order to please them and on the line, see if the particular politician can grease their hands.

According to Eluwa Chidiebere revealed on Biafra times that True journalism is an investigative art of thorough research into some oblique situations, coming out with a spellbound report and proffering a possible solution to an extent. This will help provide a limelight that the people will need to confront the evil bedeviling them. Instead, the Nigerian journalists are busy attacking the poor and pitiful masses.

These journalists shield the corrupt practices of politicians with their pen. Their pen is more terrorizing than the terrorists in Nigeria. These journalists intentionally abuse English words while embarking on their odyssey of propagating fallacies and defending corrupt practices in an armchair kind of journalism.

“Perceived, allegedly, clashed,” are some of the words they intentionally use in a very wrong context. When a real situation is referred to as perceived (unreal) and allegedly (unsure), you begin to understand the level of misconception they feed the people with. The word “clash” shouldn’t be used to describe a situation where the soldiers are shooting unarmed peaceful protesters. “Clash” can be used when there is a retaliatory approach from the protesters or when they violently engage with the security forces or operatives.

Some of them have turned out to be campaign managers of political parties – they are funded to castigate political opponents. This evil is orthodox with these Nigerian media outlets like; The Nation Newspaper, Sun Newspaper, Vanguard, The Punch, Daily Post, Sahara Reporters, Channels TV, Nigerian Television Authority, Radio Nigeria, Voice of Nigeria, Guardian, Daily Trust, This Day, Nigerian Tribune and so on.

When journalism is politicized, my candid suggestion for the people is to embrace another credible source for their daily supply of accurate new and/or information. Radio Biafra London and its associate media houses is there to help.

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