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Elliot Ugochukwu: "Stop Attacking Nnamdi KANU, He's a man of Truth and Honesty" - (Must Read)


Between June and September 2017, several messages passed through me to Nnamdi Kanu from persons and authorities who may not wish to be mentioned publicly.

Kernel of the message: What would it take to quit the agitation to dismember Nigeria.

Several other very distinguished and eminent persons aside government also mounted a lot of pressure on Kanu, along the same lines.Prominent amongst these, included two Archbishops, a highly revered constitutional lawyer, a former Secretary General of the Commonwealth and several traditional rulers.

After several meetings,Nnamdi finally caved in, with a proviso, that other leaders of his organisation must also buy into it and escort him to the final meeting where official agreement would be sealed. He said the same thing when we met with the South East governors on 30th August 2017.

What are those things?

1 That Nigeria should be reconstructed without delay back to 1963 constitution. Regional autonomy, true fiscal federalism, devolution of power.

2 A new people's constitution, affirmed at a referendum with a clause for referendum.

3 Immediate reopening of Port Harcourt, Calabar and Warri seaport.

4 Immediate expansion of the Enugu International airport.

5 Immediate release of all political detainees etc.

All theses points and quite a few other issues were duly communicated to the authorities. I was personally elated and hopeful of positive response. Next thing we saw was military assault codenamed python dance and the rest as they say is history.

So back to your question, yes Nnamdi spoke the truth in his broadcast Saturday. I was the go-between. Those who preferred to kill him rather than address those issues he raised may have their reasons. But Nnamdi spoke the truth.

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