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Biafra: "We Set the Pace and Others Follow" - IPOB deputy leader Alphonsus Uche Okafor-Mefor, Breaks Silence on Amazonia

I don't know why people always make incongruent comparisons between Biafra and Ambazonia and use Ambazonia as a model for Biafra.This is wrong. The boycott of election started with Biafrans. The sit at home started with Biafrans in comparison. Biafrans set agenda for the zoo called Nigeria and the zoo is,dancing to the drum beat. 

The Cameroonian govt set agenda for the Ambazonians and they are following,  the Cameroonian govt is beating the drum and the Ambazonians are dancing (contrary to the misleading information that Ambazonians are having upper hand, the truth is that the Cameroonian govt is slaughtering many Civilians as a result of the premature action that they took. 

More importantly,  the Ambazonian experience at this point was what Biafrans passed through in the mid 1960's where both political class and the masses were in agreement(the eastern were in unison) The Biafran experience at the moment is an era characterised by entrenched sabotage (but this will not last forever). SToP the comparison  now and allow both sides to go at their own paces.The pictures you are circulating are misleading in themselves. If this picture could be taken, why is it difficult to take video version of it? Why? This picture can pass for when those depicted in it were either coming down from the vehicle or when they were packing the materials. 

It may also not be in Ambazonia or simply unrelated to the event in question. Before the Ambazonians deserted their usual places of abode, there was already a curfew imposed by the Cameroonian govt over that territory so the question is: Did the Ambazonians desert their usual places of abode because they willingly wanted to boycott the election or as a result of fear of repression? The latter was more of a possibility than otherwise with available info on the ground. Biafrans shall boycott the election because they want to (and not because the Ambazonians did) and neither is it because the zoo imposed that condition. Stop this comparison, do something and prove yourself. 

There is no alternative to civil disobedience at this material time and as applied by IPOB as led the Supreme leader. Nnamdi Kanu. When the time is ripe to change the dance step, it will definitely happen. If you are in a hurry and you think violence is the alternative at this stage and you all have all it takes, then lead the way and stop yapping.


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