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Atiku is an Hypocrite, A member of Mayetti Allah just like Buhari - Elochukwu, Says they are they same killers

The truth is that calling all supporters of Atiku hypocrites is in fact an insult to the real hypocrites. For some days now, I have tried in vain to find a more better and soothing words for those Atikulated group to no avail. Tell them the truth about them, and they will leave the main thing to accuse you of insulting them. Of not respecting their choice and opinion. What do we call a foolish person without him saying 'you insulted him.'

Is it not hypocrisy that you want to remove a corrupt Buhari with a corrupt Atiku?
Is it not hypocrisy that you are about replacing a military man with a para-military?
Is it not funny you want to replace someone that ruled in 1984/85 with someone who was a deputy for 8years without achieving anything other than many corruption charges hanging on his neck?
Remind me again please. What did Atiku say about the killing of Nigerians by the Fulani herdsmen? Any condemnation?
Is Atiku not a member of Mayetti Cattle Breeders Association like Buhari?
How do we describe it that you are about replacing an APC president with a man that just left APC some months back?
Is Atiku not a co-destroyer of Nigeria?
How did Atiku got his wealth? What business was Atiku into before he joined politics? A custom officer now a multi Billionaire, richer than some states in Africa.

Have you seen that your hypocrisy smells too much? We are no fools. You can't hide behind Buhari Must Go to replace Buhari with another devil you called lesser devil. You have been all defeated, but not us. We will tell you people today that both Atiku and Buhari will not restructure Nigeria nor change her constitution. No northerner will. 

It is on this note I say God bless all true IPOB members and supporters for standing on total freedom. God bless die hard Oduduwa advocators for knowing that it is better we survive as good neighbors than die in fake unworkable unity.

Elochukwu Ohagi, 2018.

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