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We're Gradually Knowing our true Origin As A Biafran, No two ways about it - Ijaw and Igbos  are one blood

Igbo 5 State is a fraud. Most people within This 5 State have their *Clans and Tribes* Stretching outside the acclaimed 5 State. The proposed plan of going with 5 States is how we lost *The Igbos Of Yoruba land which was part of Ancient BIAFRA kingdom* when *Oduduwa* attacked them instead of our father's to and help them we left them to fight on their and after their defeat they took up some *Yoruba name* to make them please their conquers. Have you asked your self why a *Yoruba man* will bear *Igbo names* like *Isiaka* *Ugogbo* *Alike, Alika, Adaeke, Adomma* Do you know that *Egba* was an *Igbo Clan* 

We must not allow the enemy divide us, All the BIAFRA coastal region will trace back their *Igbo Origin* when BIAFRA is restored. They will have no other option than to tell them selves the truth.


Our people in different parts of Biafraland must understand that blood is thicker than water. We are from one common Ancestry, very important. Our people in Riverine or coastal area of Biafraland, must emulate somebody like Asari Dokubo ; who has despite a advances made towards him or to him, he remained and stood his ground as a Biafran. That is something to be emulated. And so, we must also appreciate the fact that those who are going about....., anybody from coastal part of Biafraland or upland part of Biafraland speaking against Biafra, that person is from questionable parentage. He is somebody that has a mixed blood or somebody that has been driven by the spirit of evil one.

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Am impressed by this development and I pray it continues without influenced by greed and other gullible factors!

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  1. Igbo Biafrans has exhosted every possible means to co exist peacefully with the idiotic hausa-fulani and their Yoruba conspirators, for the past 100 years to no avail.

    The Igbos 're feared, dreaded, envied and jealousy is the main reasons they 're being killed with hope death will frighten them to submission.

    The truth remains; oil and water cannot mix, Igbos 're the chosen ones from God, the hausa-fulani/Yoruba 're heathen idolatrous tribes that can never change.

    Under heavy fetters, Igbos still emerges in every human endeavor as the best.

    Let them be, let the other side who have exploited the Igbos for such a lenghty time also go their own way, let each nation developed according to their own pace.

    After all, if Biafra emerges as one of the richest and most powerful nation on earth, there 're other rich and powerful nation even more powerful than them before now, so what is the big deal.

    If hausa-fulani and the Yoruba becomes the poorest nations on earth, there 're other poor nations before them, and those nations have not drawn themselves in Atlantic Ocean. The hausa-fulani and the Yoruba can only be a beggarly nations surrounding Biafra with their begging plates and cap in hand.
    Biafra as the kingdom of God that will be established on the face of this very earth will always come to their rescue, food and other relief materials will always be flown to the north and to the South west to alleviate their sufferings; which they brought upon themselves; for killing the innocent children of God the Igbo Biafrans.

    Pleas, the more you guys continue using force and hypocritical peace overtures against the Igbo Biafrans the more HELLFIRE is let loose upon you all.

    You can see your so called Nigeria, 50 years after Biafran and Nigerian war, HOW FAR?

    Listen, the bread of deceit is sweet to the mouth but afterwards you shall eat gravels.
    If all you have stolen from Biafra land, including ceasing their millions of pounds and given each person 20 pounds; no matter how much he/she has in bank accounts, and confisticating their industries and other businesses yet, you have not overtaken Japan and the united States in development science and technology then, Igbos re a curse and not a blessing to you.

    Let them go with their Biafra and set yourselves free to compete with other nations on earth.

    If you ask me, you 're the ones in bondage not the Igbo Biafrans, because they 're like the stars of heavens, they 're like the surging seas and like the dust of the earth.

    If your genocide could not stop them, as you kills them in millions, if your economic strangulations could not destroyed their dexterity and global rampaging and enterprise, if your beheading and burning them alive could not stop them then, think, hausa-fulani think, Yoruba think, British Islamic terror government think.

    Something special is going for these people.

    As it is, you have no option than to Seek for their friendship and cooperation, not as one already dead Nigeria with lifeless president called Mohamadu Buhari but as a neighbouring friendly nation.

    Thank you.

    Benjamin Kish
    writes for 700MEN

  2. As long as Ignorant race is in existence, the Republic of Viagra must surely emerge sooner or later. Using force and intimidation is of no use bc biafran struggle is a divine arrangment Waiting for a date to manifest.

  3. Indirect rule,indirect British presence in Nigeria and in the world.

    Its only people who acknowledge their wrong sin that can over power the desire to sin
    That is why God stays silent as if he doesn't exist in the midst of all our challenges only people who acknowledge their sin that turn away that are empowered to overcome it through the insight God will give them through communion.

    Through company's ,organisation government institution in Nigeria Eg Dfid (department for international development) is a UK Government presence in Nigeria what relief has they provided to Nigerian's.

    All this international oil companies Agip ,shell etc are all indirect presence of the colonial master in Nigeria
    They are not ruling us by indirectly with the presence of this companies they are controlling Nigerian major resources.

    An enemy who controls what you eat in your family and living with you in your business indirectly rules your family while you answer family head by mouth not by control of you own home affairs.

    You need to first acknowledge what you dnt have control of in other to have and be given the control you deserve you to have it from how wise you v grown.

    Nigeria is not independent we are not in control of our country and need to acknowledge that and demand for control as we truely deserve from how much we have grown wise in religion matter and political matters and orgainisation mattets to handle and controlling our own affairs.

    Like in oraukwu community they brought Catholic church and ruled through making one us their messenger .
    Now two families of the same kindred are torned between the religion benefit they brought and their indirect rule system use of a messenger to ensure that benefit from the religion they brought don't come to manifestation using us against us
    Brother's against brothers indirect rule.
    Aguleri was the first place they visited in Igbo land but Aguleri couldn't use the religion they brought because aguleri is deep rooted in tradition and custom hence impeneratable hence they apply indirect rule but other igboland that they penetrated with religion who accepted and practiced abandoning tradition and custom like udoye family are able to inherit the merit of boycotting tradition and custom as against onurah family who where used for indirect rule to block the inheritance of David lineage by udoye family from coming to manifestation by claiming to be a royal family as against the udoye family who merited the royal inheritance of king David lineage.

    Same vein they use the Hausa they are easy for them to control to rule Nigeria because of the way they organise their caliphate was easy generation than the way biafran are so they set us against eachother the Ishmael's against the isaac's over power .
    The reason all the president of Nigeria alway pay homage to Britain witch Queen of England head of the root of all evil happen in religion matters .
    Britain is a hell about to be let loose on earth a witch coven they have formed against the world and call it a country.
    I rebuke that witch in England call queen of england and all her vices through religion, politics and organisation in form of individual, family ,church ,community, states and nation in the world against human world.

    In same vein God cannot intervention for nations who don't go through the process of acknowledgement that he God control everything through religion and how so wrong we where to neglect the importance of religion in running our human affairs like politics and pray with one heart one vision one mission he God will hear our cries forgive our sin and that of ancestors and heal our land


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