"Allow them to Go, There's no need for Show of Force on Biafrans, because it won't Stop IPOB from freedom agitation" Peter Obi Tells Buhari, Says Intimidation won't hinder Biafra

Former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, has said the recent military clampdown on the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and its subsequent proscription are not the solutions to the Biafra agitation.

According to him, so long as Nigerian youths remain unengaged in meaningful employment, they would be disposed to joining forces with individuals or groups leading agitations of all sorts.

He blamed Biafra agitation on leadership failure over the years in the country but called for dialogue with those who are agitating in order to look at meaningful solutions that can give them hope.

Speaking with the Sun newspaper, Obi said: “Irrespective of whatever the Federal Government has said about IPOB, my position has remained constant – agitation in Nigeria is nationwide. It is all over the country, not just from one side of the country. The reason is very simple: there are millions of young people in their productive ages doing nothing.

“When you don’t know where the next meal will come from, you are a free agent, you can become anything. The reason why you people are here is because you know where the next meal will come from.

“What you see today is the cumulative effect of leadership failure over the years in the country. That is one of the consequences and it’s not going to be solved by what we are doing today. You can quote me anywhere.

“We have to sit down, dialogue with those who are agitating and start looking at meaningful solutions that can give them hope. Once a country makes her people to develop a sense of hopelessness, the people will agitate a lot.”

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  1. Igbo Biafrans has exhosted every possible means to co exist peacefully with the idiotic hausa-fulani and their Yoruba conspirators, for the past 100 years.
    Yet the Igbos 're feared, dreaded, envied and jealousy is the main reasons they 're being killed with hope death will frighten them to submission.
    The truth remains; oil and water cannot mix, Igbos 're the chosen ones from God, the hausa-fulani/Yoruba 're heathen idolatrous tribes that can never change.
    Under heavy fetters, Igbos still emerge in every human endeavor as the best.
    Let them be, let the other side who have exploited the Igbos for such a lenghty time also go their own way, let each nation developed according to their own pace.
    After if Biafra emerges as one of the richest and most powerful nation on earth, there 're other rich and powerful nation even more powerful than them before now, so what is the big deal.
    If hausa-fulani and the Yoruba becomes the poorest nations on earth m, there 're others poor nations before them, and those nations have not drawn themselves in Atlantic Ocean etc.
    Pleas, the more you guys continue using force and hypocritical peace overtures against the Igbo Biafrans the more HELLFIRE is let loose upon you all.
    You can see your so called Nigeria 50 years after Biafran and Nigerian war, HOW FAR?

  2. Peter obi are you speaking like a christain or a muslim

  3. Biafrains who are descendant of isaac should learn how to deal with this their half brother descendant the
    Muslim who you are divided in religion matter as Muslims say Abraham is a Muslim because God answered ishmeals prayer whereas christains say Abraham is a christain because he worked by faith not by sight he believe and acted upon whatever God had ordered him to do
    they shared same father Abraham who made just one sacrifice Jesus who is same Adam as a lamb to God from heaven to save the both of them from killing each other over inheritance matter
    Same way Abel and Cain ended up quarrelling over the choose of God of Abel's sacrifice over Cains the first son.

    Isaac descendant have the power and authority as Christian's Jesus represented to have anything they desire as long as they carry their cross of Jesus
    ishmeal descendant the Muslim has wealth without stress just prayer that is unchristian way to having money

    As you can even see their attempt to dominate christains in their idea of saying Muhammed is greater than Jesus
    Tell me has Muhammed did for islam seek why then would any one kill in the name of islam .
    Even christain that Jesus paid a heavy price for has never kill for the seek of christainity
    Muhammed and Jesus who are both prophets,one who is Jesus died for the sake of what he believe whereas the other Muhammed did nothing for the sake of what he believe
    if you where to choose among the two who would choose to follow to see how much they taste for power after receiving wealth from God of Abraham who is a christain that Jesus had to dead to stop them from also demanding the life of Isaac so that he ishmeal will be the only heir to Abraham inheritance.
    Tell what do ishmeal defendant deserve from christains for all their evil.

    That was what Haggai tears meant to eliminate Isaac for Ishmael to be the only heir to Abraham inheritance.

    This was obviously in display in 2015 election between Jonathan And Buhari two sons of Abraham from different religion group divided over religion matter in their political quest.

    And Buhari was ready to eliminate everybody for quest for power he doesn't deserve base on what descendant his from and their goal against Christianity haven not being satisfied with wealth power taste pleases them to taste after human blood to acquire.

    Who will be left for him to rule if he kills everybody.

    Jonathan behaved like Isaac taken by Abraham to be slaughtered in becoming peace ambassador for peace his yet to achieve through justice he forsakes for his people and letting ishmeal descendant go Scott free taking his right and ended up doing same thing Jonathan feared and let him have the power now who is to be blamed for the death of innocent people by buhari administration

    This is why Divine right commission will swallowed Jonathan like a big fish back to ninivea to preach justice for his people recover the power which is his and do what is right for the nation to move forward by taking back to his rightful position to do exactly what need to be done to fostal peace and unity in Nigeria to be emulated by other nations
    Parliamentary, democratic system government overruled by a catholic monarch
    with new sets of constitution for the country forward movement.

    Ishmael descendent must submit to Isaac descendant authority and power and accept whatever punishment served them for bridge of justice
    whatever the Isaac descendant says is right ,because they are the destine children of Abraham not Ishmael.
    If they want to belong to destine children they should join them Isaac religion through accepting whatever punishment they are served to right all their wrong to become perfect Abraham's descendant.

    What ever Jesus says is good for us as christains is good otherwise you are classified under Ishmael descendant and are treated alike you serve same punishment as muslims.

    The is the End of the road for Islam.
    And Beginning of life of true Christianity.