Thursday, 27 September 2018

#Osunrerun: "Corruption without end in Nigeria", voter openly bribed with 100k, Is this Election? - Femi Fani-Kayode Shed tears for Nigeria system of governance

Police and Army prevent PDP agents from watching polling booths. APC thugs threaten and beat PDP voters. Journalists and election observers prevented from monitoring process. APC openly bribing voters with 100,000 naira. Is this an election?

Consider the following: 

"There is serious fire on the mountain in the seven voting venues in Osun right away. All PDP party agents have been beaten, harassed and militantly chased away by APC thugs with the open connivance of the military and policemen. The entire state is under siege. Virtually everywhere has been wantonly taken over by the APC thugs and the heavy military top brass. Please Egbon help us to broadcast to the entire world that Osun has been militarized and our people have been over powered by the thugs. There have been sporadic gun shots across Ifon in Orolu and Oyere in Ife East and Garage Olode in Ife South. Please Egbon come to our rescue sir"- Hon. Jubril Olaiya, Ife Central.

What a mess! 
 #OsunDecides2018 #OsunReRun #OsunDecides

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