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"There's no Future For Younger generation in Nigeria, Youths Struggling to survive while the politicians loot money from the poor mass" - Ameachi Speaks, Says Nigeria is full of corruption

Foremost nationalist and first minister of Aviation, Chief Mbazulike Amaechi yesterday decried the country’s journey to nationhood declaring that it would be impossible for young people to rule without a change in the system. Mbazulike Amaechi said corruption and quest for money has eroded the gains and ideals behind the struggle for independence by the founding fathers, stressing that celebration of independence anniversary in the last 20 years evokes sorrow in him.

In an exclusive interview with The Guardian at his Ukpor country home in Nnewi, Anambra State, the nonagenarian stated that Nigeria as presently constituted was not the same as envisioned by the fore-fathers who laid down their lives.

Explaining that the ugly situation of the country had been compounded by vicious leadership, he said there was need to urgently review the system and remove it from the jaws of a few elements if the country must continue to survive.He said: “In the last 20 years or so, every October 1 has been a day of sorrow for me.  Sorrow because the house I helped to build has been pulled down or is being pulled down all these years… we made sacrifices and so on October 1,1960, we had the glory of seeing our country freed from Colonial Imperialism and freed from foreign rule by Great Britain. We were happy that the country was free.

“Six months after independence, an unpatriotic military conducted a coup-de-tat and overthrew a democratic government, imprisoned, scattered and sent away the nationalists, the founding fathers and the great heroes that brought Nigeria’s independence and founded Nigeria as a republic. The military could not manage the country because they are not trained. The military is trained to fight, to destroy, to conquer to loot and to steal. They are not trained to rule and govern.

“So within a few years, the military led the country into an avoidable civil war that lasted for three years. The Biafran side lost the war; but since then, Nigeria has not been the same again”.He continued: “Since then, the country has not enjoyed true freedom and unity because the military took up the country, dissolved the existing institutions and instead of a true federation that the founding fathers established, they introduced a quasi system of government, whereby the states they created by military fiat, given a segment of the country. The military ruled the country for 39 years, doing what they know best. They introduced into the system massive looting, massive corruption and massive disorganization. Some of the things the founding fathers set up like the Ajaokuta Steel Company that should have produced iron for this country to boost economy of the country, they destroyed it. They stole everything in the Nigeria air wars; they sold the aircraft hanger that was established for the maintenance of the aircraft in Nigeria and for many other West African countries.

“Only Nigeria had aircraft hanger but the military sold everything. These things were going on, every year.“There is now the wealth of oil, the wealth of gas and everything was booming and so the groundnut pyramids, the Palm Produce Board of the East disappeared, the Cocoa Marketing board of the West disappeared because oil and gas were producing money.

Military shared the wealth of the country among retiring generals and so you find a retired Army general becoming a millionaire overnight and on full salary for life. So with the disappearance of the marketing boards and the arrival of money wealth, the generals shared the whole money and went back and handed government to civilians of surrogates and puppets. They nominated their surrogates to contest elections to occupy offices so that they will continue to plunder the country. Things degenerated to a level where the citizens of the country are suffering in abject poverty in the midst of plenty. There is wealth in the country; there are facilities, there is the manpower but nothing is functioning”.

He said there was no political future for the upcoming generation of Nigerian youths going by the amount of money that now goes into politics.“The way it is, it is very impossible for young people to rule this country, unless this young person is sponsored by a money-bag, otherwise it will continue to be a dream. I pity them because I do not see them making any headway the manner the politics is structured for the rich. It does not matter which political party that has offered their platform or waved aside certain fees. Election proper is money.”

“I succeeded as a young man, I was elected as a young man, I was given opportunity as a young man and I served the country as a young man.“Therefore I believe that young men, who can do it, should indeed be given opportunity to test their capacities and abilities”, he said. He recalleded that he served as a Member of Parliament at the age of 29, through the sponsorship of his party at the election, adding that nomination was based on merit, ideology and principle.

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  1. Indirect rule,indirect British presence in Nigeria and in the world.

    Its only people who acknowledge their wrong sin that can over power the desire to sin
    That is why God stays silent as if he doesn't exist in the midst of all our challenges only people who acknowledge their sin that turn away that are empowered to overcome it through the insight God will give them through communion.

    Through company's ,organisation government institution in Nigeria Eg Dfid (department for international development) is a UK Government presence in Nigeria what relief has they provided to Nigerian's.

    All this international oil companies Agip ,shell etc are all indirect presence of the colonial master in Nigeria
    They are not ruling us by indirectly with the presence of this companies they are controlling Nigerian major resources.

    An enemy who controls what you eat in your family and living with you in your business indirectly rules your family while you answer family head by mouth not by control of you own home affairs.

    You need to first acknowledge what you dnt have control of in other to have and be given the control you deserve you to have it from how wise you v grown.

    Nigeria is not independent we are not in control of our country and need to acknowledge that and demand for control as we truely deserve from how much we have grown wise in religion matter and political matters and orgainisation mattets to handle and controlling our own affairs.

    Like in oraukwu community they brought Catholic church and ruled through making one us their messenger .
    Now two families of the same kindred are torned between the religion benefit they brought and their indirect rule system use of a messenger to ensure that benefit from the religion they brought don't come to manifestation using us against us
    Brother's against brothers indirect rule.
    Aguleri was the first place they visited in Igbo land but Aguleri couldn't use the religion they brought because aguleri is deep rooted in tradition and custom hence impeneratable hence they apply indirect rule but other igboland that they penetrated with religion who accepted and practiced abandoning tradition and custom like udoye family are able to inherit the merit of boycotting tradition and custom as against onurah family who where used for indirect rule to block the inheritance of David lineage by udoye family from coming to manifestation by claiming to be a royal family as against the udoye family who merited the royal inheritance of king David lineage.

    Same vein they use the Hausa they are easy for them to control to rule Nigeria because of the way they organise their caliphate was easy generation than the way biafran are so they set us against eachother the Ishmael's against the isaac's over power .
    The reason all the president of Nigeria alway pay homage to Britain witch Queen of England head of the root of all evil happen in religion matters .
    Britain is a hell about to be let loose on earth a witch coven they have formed against the world and call it a country.
    I rebuke that witch in England call queen of england and all her vices through religion, politics and organisation in form of individual, family ,church ,community, states and nation in the world against human world.

    In same vein God cannot intervention for nations who don't go through the process of acknowledgement that he God control everything through religion and how so wrong we where to neglect the importance of religion in running our human affairs like politics and pray with one heart one vision one mission he God will hear our cries forgive our sin and that of ancestors and heal our land


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