Sunday, 16 September 2018

"One Nigeria is A Big Fraud, Buhari has Proved it to the whole World by abandoning Biafrans and appointing Fulani to offices", Says Charles Ogbu

Buhari Presidency has completely unmasked #OneNigeria slogan as the biggest organized fraud in the history of man.

The Daura death merchant had to retire a Southerner in active service and resurrect a Northerner from retirement to come head the Department of State Security thereby putting almost all the arms and non arms bearing security agencies in the country in the hands of only Northern Muslim.

He equally appointed Abbas Umar Masanawa from Katsina state to head the Nigerian Security Printing and Minting company
And some people still talk of #OneNigeria???

Those who think Colonialism ended in 1960 couldn’t have been more wrong. Colonialism is alive and well. 
It never ended. It was simply repackaged and the baton handed over to the #ScionOfDanfodios.
Our forest didn’t changed. Only the monkeys did.

Even apartheid wasn’t practiced in this brazenly blatant manner.

How can the whole South continue to allow foreigners to continue treating them like the children of a lesser god??

This “lifeless” President is nothing but a historic mistake. A national plaque.
He should be christianed hurricane Buhariana.
I will never wish this man on even my worst enemy.

To all those planing on returning him to power, may nature treat you to a fate very horrible that even death will cover its face in shame!

Written By Charles Ogbu

Charles Ogbu is a columnist and a writer.
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