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"Nnamdi Kanu Remains the Saviour of our time, the clampdown on His Home & Biafrans by Nigeria Military is a threat to Global Peace"Says Activist Sunday

Biafra struggle has gone beyond Nigeria government and her military can control which is still waxing more stronger on daily basis under this very planet.

Nnamdi Kanu Who happens to be the Leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), Director Of Radio Biafra London and The commander in Chief Of the Armies Of Biafra was Kidnapped, on the 14th Of October, 2015 and also, detained following Accusation of Treason Felony and belonging to Unlawful Society by the Nigeria government which after much Trial, Federal High Court Abuja Granted Him Bail on the 26 June, 2017 with Unmerited Bail Conditions which happens to be Unconstitutional.

After, the Release Of Nnamdi Kanu He moved on with the gospel of the Restoration of the sovereign nation of Biafra going from one Place to another in sensitizing and creating more awareness about the Kingdom Of God of Earth (Biafra) but more so, giving Nigeria government, Military and media henchmen Nightmares.

Furthermore, Nigeria Government in collaboration of British Empires came in conclusion to Arrest, Kidnap and Murder Nnamdi Kanu in order to quench the agitation for Self determination and completely wipe out the whole of Indigenous Population of Biafra which is their major target.

In Continuation, on 14th of September, 2017 the Nigeria military Personal lunched Operation Python Dance and stormed the residence of IPOB Leader which resulted to sporadically Shooting of Live Bullets in Nnamdi Kanu's house which left 2 persons dead and many others Injured at that day (14th September, 2017 by 6Pm). Reaching on15th of September the military came out fully prepared to Carry out the mission of Wiping out Armless agitators who bears no arm or armor to fight but confront her oppressors with truth (Eziokwu Chineke).

Sunibest reveals that, It was really a Terrible Week as Biafrans in Aba, Umuahia, Port Harcourt and others was in Sorrowful time after the operation Python Dance in the Eastern Part of Biafra Land which left many Biafrans Dead by the Nigeria Jihadist Military cooperation. Ever since then Nnamdi Kanu, His Parents and Family has been missing without knowing their actual whereabout which has caused Tension across the Country.

Oh yes! he was kidnapped and Whisked away by Nigeria JTF and must be provided dead or alive without delay to continue his diplomatic fight for freedom or face the consequences and ever regret storming his home town.
If you denied holding Nnamdi Kanu, then was he missing before you Invaded His home? Off course NO! then where is he?.


1. You must provide Nnamdi Kanu because, He was In Afara Ibeku his hometown precisely before the Nigeria murderous Military invasion in his Residence.

2. His House was Destroyed completely when the Killers soldiers penetrated his Apartment leaving countless number of IPOB members who came for visit dead while, many sustained serious bullet wounds.

3. Nnamdi Kanu has not spoken ever since Nigeria Amry opened gun fire on his House. He may have been killed and whisked away by Evil Men without conscience. they can't deny it because, there is enough evidence to show.

Didn't end there, The Uncivilized Country called Nigeria further tagging IPOB and the Atire Biafrans a terrorist agitators forgetting. We are not surprised because, a country which is Created in disunity can never succeed or move forward it is clearly seen that Nigeria Government has nothing as evidence to face Biafrans instead they are lingering due to the Oil they exort from Biafra land.

Family Writers Press, IPOB and Biafrans in general are hereby putting Nigeria military and murderous Government on Notice should anything Happen to Nnamdi Kanu, We will hold you responsible/accountable and will surely pay the prize in due time including the South East Governors.
Also, letting you know IPOB is never and can be a terrorist group as proscribed by Nigeria government, we are only agitating for our right to self determination to exit Nigeria Entity.

I also, urge World leaders like, UN, EU, AU and International Community to save lives of Innocent Biafrans by standing out to condemn the unbearable maltreatment, Killings and illegal abduction happening in Nigeria against Biafrans.

I rest My Case!!!

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