• "It Is A Pity that Nigerians are Receiving Expired Education, that's why they can't go high in their own Country" - US Reveals, Urges Everyone to Stand up against expired educational system

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    On February 21, 2018, an article with the above titled was published on the online version of a Nigerian newspaper, the Guardian. I read the said newspaper article from the Sahara Reporters links to the Nigerian Newspapers on the Internet. I was attracted to this article by the phrase “U.S., Varsity VC” because in the United States the twin titles of Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor are not commonly used when talking about top university administrators. Most American University Leaders are called Presidents and Vice Presidents respectively. There is an exception to this, in case where the leadership is of a University System such as the nine campuses of the University of California System or the State University of New York system with more than sixty campuses. These university systems have one Chancellor each and as many Presidents for each campus. 

    After reading this article the curiosity in me kicked in and I decided to investigate further. It turned out that my initial suspicion was correct, and the VC was a fake. For many years I taught criminal law, criminal procedure and criminal investigation, so checking out something like a fake “US Varsity VC” will not be challenging, so I thought. What I found out after taking my time to examine all the evidence and issues in the matter was shocking.  This Nigerian VC and his University of America are fake and bogus. I was stunned and I am going to put out some of my findings here. I stand by my results and conclusions. The first question for this fake “U.S. Varsity VC”  is, where in the United States is the campus of the said “Prestigious” University of America” is located? I could not find any campus of University of America in the United States. In person and on the Web I could not find anything associated with this university that has any resemblance of an American primary school much more of a university.

    I repeat I was stunned by the level of falsehood, fabrication, deceit, misinformation, dishonesty and outright lies. The University of America (henceforth UA) made many bogus proclamations and bogus announcements. The university’s VC, Gamaliel Onyeka Prince in his address to Nigerians in Enugu proclaimed that Nigerians are receiving an expired education. One will expect such a critic to offer something better than what is available in Nigeria. It turned out that Prince is a phony and fake, He has no idea what is the merits and worthiness of a real university and university education, so he made up a fake university and hoped to wake up one day with a real one. As far as I am concerned, the UA have no physical campus and is not a really accredited American University. It has no buildings, campus,
    classrooms, lab, library or anything comparable to an elementary school in America. UA is nothing but an Internet diploma mill that gives out a worthless piece of papers to victims who just want worthless academic titles without actually learning and earning academic degrees.

    The only real University of America in the world is located in Bogota, Columbia, South America and was established in Columbia in 1956. You can check it out if you care. This year(2018), the World University
    Ranking Organization ranked University of America in Bogota, Columbia number 1,087 in Latin America, and number 12, 825 in the world. The “University of America,” the subject of this article is not ranked, listed or even mentioned in any list of accredited universities in the United States and in the world. This UA is not accredited or recognized by the relevant regional and national accrediting bodies in United States. UA is not recognized by the US Department of Education or the Distance Education Accrediting Commission the primary accrediting body that recognizes online schools in the United States. In Nigeria, the UA is not approved by National University Commission(NUC) to offer any degree program in the classroom or online.

    On the Internet, the UA made so many unsubstantiated and dubious claims that are outright lies and made up stories that never happened. With open mind, I examined everything the UA put on their Internet-Websites. I reached the conclusion that UA is simply not a real university but an Internet diploma mill and I stand by my conclusion until somebody proves me wrong.

    Prince and the UA characters made up bogus awards, childish lies and dubious proclamations and Nigerians are falling for their fraudulent scheme. Below are some questionable actions of the UA that will make
    any reasonable person to have doubt about anything concerning and connected to this said university.

    The University of America on its Web page made up false and fake announcements. It goes like these, below is exactly how they put it on their websites. 



    “THE FACULTY SENATE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA joins the President of United States and the world scientific and academic community, to congratulate one of the world foremost health scientists and academic, our own DR. PRINCESS SHULLAM AFC. ONYEMAOBI, for receiving the President of the United States most prestigious civil award - the President’s Call to Service Award (also referred to as the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award) for 2016, in the field of science education.”

    “Thank you Dr. Princess Shullam Onyemaobi for making America and The University of America proud!”



    This university also proclaimed on their web site that Prof. Engr. Gemaliel Onyeka O. Prince received United States Presidential Award. Below are exactly how they put it on their website.



    “THE FACULTY SENATE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA joins the President of United States and the world scientific and academic community, to congratulate one of the world’s foremost scientists and academic, our own Prof. Engr. Gamaliel Onyeka O. Prince, for receiving the President of United States most prestigious civil award- the President’s call to service Award (also referred to as the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award) for the year 2016, in the field of science education.” Please note, Prof. Prince was the one who proclaimed that “Nigerians are receiving expired education.” And the irony here is that he never received an award from an American President. This fake Professor has never received any award other than the bogus and worthless degrees. I know many really good Nigerian Engineers in America who obtained three to four patents and yet none of them put “Engr.” before their names.

    These above awards proclamations and announcements put out by the UA for Prince and Onyemaobi received from the US President never happened, they are all big fat lies and made up stories made up to deceive and trick Nigerians to apply for admission into a fake university. 

    The only truth and Fact about US President Award were, on November 16, 2016, on live TV broadcast, President B. Obama presented Civil National Award to twenty-one(21) American Recipients. Four of the Recipients were African-Americans that include Diana Ross, Cicely Tyson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Michael Jordan. The Award for Education went to only one person, Prof. Eduardo J. Padron, the President of Miami Dade College, of Miami,  Florida, USA. That notwithstanding, this fake university lied to the world about a national award ceremony that was televised nationally in United States.  Note that the said bogus Presidential award recipient also obtained her Ph.D. from this fake university after attending two community colleges in America.  What contributions had she made in any field of study to merit an award from the President of the United States? What kind of a university will put out false information in a public record?

    Here is what Prince put out as his qualifications as VC: Prof Engr. Gamaliel Onyeka .O. Prince,  BA. B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D, D.Sc., PhD Ed, LLD. LittD Rector Magnificus   This also is how VC Prince put his CV on the Website Catalog of the U.A College of Science & Technology in Isuofia, Anambra State, Nigeria.  Prof Prince is also known in California, USA as Onyeka Prince Gamal Onyemaobi. I don’t know how his last name changed from Onyemaobi to Prince and his first name changed from Gamal to Gamaliel. The use of fake names is a common MO of crooks and fraudulent individuals.

    So how and where did Prof Engr. Prince got all his education and the seven(7) degrees listed after his name above? Based on his vita in the university catalogue, he got Diploma, Computer Sc., BA English and Administration from Cambridge International College, UK, too bad! Cambridge International College in UK does not award BA degrees, but they  are excellent Career College. The only Cambridge International College that awards college degree is located in Australia. In UK they offer only 1, 2, and 3 years Diplomas.  So it is ironic that Prof Prince obtained BA from a College that does not award BA degree, He also obtained his “ B.Sc Computer and Mechanical Engineering and Maths, M.Sc Maths Ed/System Engineering, PhD Mathematics/Computational Engineering/Science computing, D.Sc.-Doctor of Science, LL.D. JURIS CANOICI HEBRAICA, D.LITT. HEBREW/ARAMAIC/KOINEGREEK/LATIN LITERATURES THE UNIVERSITY OF SAN JUAN DE LA CRUZ.” “Professor and Chair of The UA Nigeria computer science and engineering programs, also lectures on theology biblical literature, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, canon law, Philosophy, science and religion.” (Please note, I copied the above exactly as it was written). Here is the problem, the University of San Juan De la Cruz is said to be located in Heredia, Costa Rica, South America, but  it seems that the university only exists on the Web/Internet, a typical characteristic of an Internet diploma mill, so there are chances that Prince did not earn his degrees, he bought them from fake internet Universities.  The country of Costa Rica has sixty(60) universities listed and ranked, number one(1) is Universidad de Costa Rica ranked number 885 in the world, and the last ranked university in Costa Rica, number sixty(60) is ranked number 26,683 in the world. The only thing missing from the list of 60 universities in Costa Rica is the University of San Juan de La Cruz where the world ‘renowned & foremost’ Professor Engr. Price  Gamaliel Onyemaobi got his degrees. I smell some sh**t here, and this Professor doesn’t even have any real university education or degree and his is VC of UA in Nigeria? I suspect that Prof Prince is a victim of Internet diploma mill scams or he made up the whole thing like his fake US Presidential award mentioned above. Prince claimed he has LL.D. JURIS, I don’t know any university that awards such degree. In the United States, law schools ward JD, LLM, and SJD and nobody will earn an SJD without LLM.

    So how did Prince earn LL.D. JURIS without LL.B. and LL.M.? So what university awarded him D.LITT? Mr. Prince listed academic studies he included, law, philosophy, Religion, Engineering, computer science, Maths, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Literature, English and Administration. So how many years and how much money did he spend to get five doctorate degrees and why does he need five doctorates? VC Princes has not written any book, article or even presented any paper in national or international professional meetings or conferences.

    Prince claimed he was a Distinguished Professor at the University of North Carolina,  so which one and what years or time period? There are eight (8)Universities of North Carolina, Prince has to clear this up, tell us which one of the universities of North Carolina was he a professor and what year he earned his distinguished teaching honor or award?

    How can a VC of a university that practically exists only on Web/Internet have the gut to criticize Nigerian educational system? While Nigerian universities are not as good as many American universities, the University of America has nothing, even to compare with any Nigerian university I knew in 1980s when I lived in Nigeria. If Mr. Prince thinks that the one small windowless red building that housed Salt Lake Baptist College, in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA and the one office suite they are renting in California could be compared with University of Lagos, University of Ibadan, or University of Nigeria, Nsukka, then he should have his head examined. If you are reading this article and you are curious, do online check out of the campus of UA in Isuofia, Anambra State, Nigeria. This one building campus is where Prof. Prince delivers his unexpired engineering education lectures to future Nigerian engineers, and he is delusional. While on the Internet check out UA in America, they gave one address in Utah and two in California and try to check them out.

    The University of America has no regular college buildings or campus in the United States. It has given three addresses on the website as follows:
    (1)  3769 W. 4700 S., Salt Lake City, Utah. JJust one small windowless building beside a small Church. I have been there in person and I know what I saw.
    (2)  41707 Winchester Road, Temecula, California. Here, one office building that housed a Law  Office,  a Mortgage Company, and a Pay Roll Company. The right side of the building is Faith Armory and on the left side is a 24-Hour Urgent Care Clinic.
    (3)   38397 Innovation Court, Murrieta, California. Here, just one small Church building “Jesus   Christ of Nazareth Church,” There is no other building beside the small Church.

    So where is the campus of the ‘university of America’? This is nothing but a total fake, scam and scheme to dupe innocent and gullible Nigerians and other foreign students. This university claimed it offer Pham.D, D.dentistry BS/DMD or DDS Program, Physician Assistant to MD Program. Medical schools are highly controlled and regulated in America. There are more than 3,500 universities and colleges in America, but less than 250 medical schools. Medical schools are very expensive to start and are very selective in their admissions. All student seeking medical school admission must have at least a BS or BA degree. So how can this fake university offer medical degrees without buildings, laboratory, or teaching hospital? Who are the medical school Professors? In addition they offer LLB, LLM, LLD, Ph.D in law. No real law school in America offer LLB, they offer only JD and admit less than 35% of applicants and all applicants must have at least a BA or BS degree to apply. These UA people are crazy or stupid, law degree is controlled by American Bar Association, first you must have a separate law school building and a law library. UA has no campus, so how are they offering these law degrees? Who are the law Professors? Even if they sell their worthless and bogus degrees to unsuspecting students, the students will never practice law in America or Nigeria. In America, 48 0f the 50 states only allow graduates of ABA Approved law schools to take bar exams. Even taking the bar exam does not mean passing it. This year about 35% of Nigerian Law School graduates failed the bar exams in Nigeria. So what are the chances of Nigerian law students who graduate from a diploma mill like the university of America to pass bar exams when they take Nigerian Bar exams?

    The purpose of this article is not to defend Nigerian education system, but rather to raise an alarm and caution my fellow Nigerians to beware of fake universities that take advantage Nigerian students and others seeking foreign high education. I will revisit this topic later in second part of this article. VC Prince’s word ‘expired education’ is inappropriate to define Nigerian educational system. If Nigeria education system is dead or had expired, I doubt if the caliber of the above-named VC and his “University of America” will be able to contribute meaningfully to the revival of the Nigerian education system. In my opinion, Prince and his UA will harm Nigerian education with fake, bogus, and worthless degrees. The said “University of America” is not a real or accredited university. The UA lacks the infrastructure, funds, qualified academic faculty and staff, and the prerequisite recognition of the regional and national accrediting Commissions to offer the academic degrees it claimed to offer. In its academic offering, this said university is confused and struggling to decide whether to be a Bible college, a trade school, career collage or a university, it chose to be all of it. There is no way this university will be recognized by any relevant accrediting commissions and organizations in the United States. And please note that accreditation process is some times on going  and is subject to regular reviews and could be suspended or withdrawn.

    I don’t want to belittle anybody, but the matter of Nigerians with bogus and worthless degrees from fake universities is a serious matter that should concern every decent Nigerian. Presently, three or more Nigerian Legislators are serving with fake and forged education documents. This fake University of America in Nigeria concerned me because many of their claims are simply not true and mostly senseless and crazy childish schemes. The operators of this so called University of America are dishonest in what they put on their website. In the new era of ‘if you see something bad, say something’, I have to raise this alarm as my civic responsibility.  If I fail to express my concern, worries, and doubts now, it may come back to hunt me later. This university is operating in my home state in Nigeria. As far as I am concerned, the University of America has no real campus in United States of America, therefore, it should build a real campus in the US before expanding to Nigeria. A real university should have buildings, qualified faculties,  libraries, laboratories, stadiums, dormitories, cafeterias, etc. And UA does not have any of these things and yet they claim to be a prestigious university.

    There are real and great universities in the State of Utah and together they have graduated many Nigerians at least 250 or more, and many of them are great and accomplished Engineers, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Educators and Businessmen and Women in Nigeria and the USA. If any of them read this article, I am sure that they will agree with me that Salt Lake Baptist College is just one small building beside a small Bible Baptist Church in Salt Lake City in Utah. As of the time I lived in Utah, the same small building housed both the Bible college, primary, secondary, and high schools. Unless you live in the area you will only notice the Church signboard and not the school when drive and pass the location. The Chancellor of the UA obtained his masters and doctorate from this unranked, unlisted, and unaccredited Independent Salt Lake Baptist College(independent because it is not even affiliated with the larger Baptist Church) The time the Chancellor got these degrees from the school, it had about a total of twenty-four (24) students. One of the major newspaper in Utah, Deseret News had an interesting article about the Chancellor of UA written by Elaine Jarvik and published on March 13, 2004(Pastor envisions thriving college: Independent Baptist School has big plans) check it out www.dseretnews.com.

    The university of America put many logos of many organizations on all the pages of their documents and catalogs such as UN, JAMB, IAU, ASIC EBMA, NBTE, CAC, etc. I personally check with IAU, they never heard about the university of America, they said “many fake companies misuse our logo.” The UA is not a member of the IAU. Also UA is not a member or recognized by ASIC, yet they have their logos plastered in all their documents.

    The “University of America only library is an online library which known as “Goggle” and they also listed Ivy League and MIT Science and Art Videos which are free to the public regardless whether you are a
    student or not. Any Nigerian, American or any person in the world with Internet access can take online classes and watch lecture videos from MIT and other Ivy league colleges and universities for free, but, it will not lead to a degree or certificate unless you are legally or
    formally admitted.

    This article is getting too long and for that reason I will finish it in two parts. Thanks for reading.

    E. Charlie Chukwudolue, a concerned Nigerian-American. 

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