Thursday, 20 September 2018

How Can you Kill Biafrans, Subjugate them to Slavery/Intimidation and still Expect them to Be called One Nigeria?  It is totally impossible, Allow Them to go - Femi Fani-Kayode Explodes 

Former Aviation Minister, Chief Femi Fani Kayode, has once again condemned the Federal government’s military approach against Biafra agitation, headed by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

He adviced President Buhari to always use peace in achieving unity, instead of brute force which can never yield any result.

Fani-Kayode who made the statement on Wednesday in a social media post obtained by Orsu24news, said that the Igbo men and women agitating for Biafra are not stupid, but doing so to show how much they hated being called Nigerians.

According to him, he said that the federal government cannot subjugate, humiliate, kill the Igbos because they wants to be free, and at the same time expect them to accept to remain in Nigeria.

He said that one Nigeria by guns and amoured tanks is slavery.

He also said that president Muhammadu Buhari led government has done much damages to the unity of Nigeria in which southerners and the middle belters feel they are second-class citizens.

His Post Reads:
“You see young Igbo men and women standing in front of military amoured tanks and you call it stupidity. No that is not stupidity: that is how much they hate being called Nigerians.

“One Nigeria by armoured tanks is slavery. If you want them to drop their agitation for Biafra treat them with love, respect, sensitivity and understanding.

“You cannot beat, kill, insult, humiliate and disgrace them and expect them to say they want to stay.

“You cannot question their sanity, their patriotism and their sense of self-worth simply because they say they have had enough of your cruelty, beatings, violence, tyranny, hegemony, subjugation and murderous ways.

“You cannot denigrate, villify and demonise them and subject them to the most heinous forms of injustice and barbarity simply for saying that they want to be free.

“This is a lesson that seems to be lost on President Muhammadu Buhari and his co-travellers. They have done immense damage to the unity of Nigeria and they have made millions of southerners and Middle Belters feel like, at best, second class citizens and, at worse, worthless animals with little hope for the future.

“We must be rid of him and pull our country back from the brink of disaster by reaching out to the aggrieved and oppressed with love and understanding.

“We must stop trying to achieve unity by the usage of brute force, stale propaganda and the deployment of security personnel and tanks because it can never work.

“The more blood you spill, the more your victims and those you constantly subject to persecution will want to leave. And, in the final analysis, there is no force on earth that can stop them. It is only a question of time. That is the lesson of history.
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