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"There's Hope For Biafra", Says IPOB As they meets United Nation in Switzerland Over Biafra Freedom 

Nigeria government goes on panic as IPOB Executive chamber storms UN Headquarter Geneva, Switzerland on the 14th September, 2018 to humbly seek for right to express their Democratic Freedom as stipulated in International Law. 

This movement, was made known to the public after a successful meeting with the United Nation by a video coverage of Mazi Kings Eze who was one of the representatives that was convened to Geneva, Switzerland for an important submission of petition/Documents as described by the Deputy leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), Mazi Uche Mefor. The Head Of Directorate, in the person of Mazi Chika Edoziem also expressed gratitude to Biafrans back home in Board land of obedience of Sit-At-Home order which was seen as the success of their meeting in Switzerland. Also making it known to Global Biafra activists that the freedom of Biafra is at hand.

Don't forget, Eco City Reporters broadcasted at the early hours of the day how Biafrans in their multiple numbers obeys IPOB Order fearlessly dished out by the leadership and it has been accomplished without no reasonable doubt. 

More details coming in....


  1. Thanks to our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU and all Biafrans all over the world.Biafra nation is here with us. We have suffered enough in the evil contraption called Nigeria. It's time to go home. What a happy day it will be on that great day when we shall finally be declared a free nation.

  2. Thank God in the end victory is sure because that what I see 7years back is coming to pass.thank God for giving us mosses of old .nnandi kanu

  3. Is it really true?? They don't mention here any meeting with Biafra representatives



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