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"Nigeria Government have Secretly Massacred IPOB Members and dumped them in an undisclosed location since 2015" - Biafrans Reveals, showing photos of dead bodies

Divine Rich reporting 15th September
What you are seeing hear in this pictures is dead bodies at OTTA HOSPITAL MORTUARY
The missing of IPOB members killed by the zoo military since 2015 till date 2018 should be investigated, remember that after OBJ the former President of Nigeria made a threat against Muhammad Buhari that he will expose what buhari is doing BIAFRANS if he(buhari) try to arrest him(obasanjo) that he will tell the whole world what he Buhari is doing to BIAFRANS. After Obasanjo made this threats the government of Lagos state which is APC started moving this unknown dead bodies to unknown Mass grave that many of them was deposited by the zoo military.
Please #UN #AmnestyInternational #realDonaldTrunp 
IPOB leadership this pictures of dead people should be investigated now, because we have lost a lot of men in the hand of Nigerian military, OBJ, Lagos government and MBuhari should tell the world how such number of dead bodies get their.

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