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"We've Different type of Biafrans, Some Igbos behaves like Animals " Will smith Blasts

(1)NATURAL BIAFRANS : Those whose roots are in Biafra, that were born in Biafra and of Biafran parents, nurtured and grew up in an Biafran environment, and have drunk deep into the styles,Systems and values prevailing in in Biafra –Whose base of traditional culture is informed with beliefs about the nature of humans as members of society, with the same mentality, tradition and religion,E.g. Nnamdi kanu.

 (2)MIGRATORY BIAFRANS:Those whose parents have been of Biafran stock but chose to settle outside of Biafra and raise their families, Some of their children eventually remained in Northern Nigeria emigrated to the various places they find themselves now, apparently in pursuit of their business and other interests, E.g. Chief John Nnia Nwodo and Governor Umahi.

(3) HYBRID BIAFRANS :Those that have one parent that is Biafran while the other is non-Biafran,In this category are those who for professional or educational, socio-cultural or other personal reasons live outside of Biafra and raise their children in their new abode, E.g. Smith. 
(4)ADOPTIVE BIAFRANS: These are those whose roots are elsewhere, with different bloods, but whose nurture and/or culture is firmly based in Biafra, who established domicile in Biafra but not Biafran citizen by birth,E.g. governor Rochas okorocha of Imo State. 

(5)CONQUEST BIAFRANS :This term refers to those whose presence in Biafra is a result of conquest, they came,they saw,and they conquered,Conquest gave them the right to occupy Biafra,they raised their families and over several generations their descendants have known no other home than Biafra regardless of their lighter brains, E.g. Gov.Dave Umahi and Kenneth okonkwo.

(6)PILGRIM BIAFRANS:Those who neatly fit into this category might have been born and bred outside of Biafra, they consider Biafrans as coheirs to the world heritage, With pretentious, they find fulfilment in working for and among other tribes, and are happy to live out their lives among them, E.g. Gov.Obiano.

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