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"I Can See That Buhari's Brain is Quite unstable, he is a pure Lair, he turns his Words Upsidedown" - Junaid Muhammed Lashes Buhari

Second Republic federal lawmaker, Dr Junaid Mohammed has written off President Muhammadu Buhari as a serial liar who keeps giving the different version of the same story all the time.

He said he has known him for years, a period which he said dates back to 1967 when Nigeria  fought civil war.

The President of Africa most populous nation, he said, is very economical with the truth and often very forgetful about what he says.

While reacting to claims by Buhari that he had no money to purchase APC nomination forms back in 2014, he said if you ask Buhari what he said yesterday he can give you a very different answer and attempt to justify in a gabble language.

He stated these while fielding questions in an interview with Vanguard newspapers.

His words: ''Let me tell you, I have known Buhari since May 1967 when the civil war broke out, through a friend of ours. And one thing I noticed especially since he came into politics, he has always taken liberty with the truth. He has always been economical with the truth and he is very forgetful about what he says.

''If you ask him today about what he said yesterday, he can give you a very different answer and attempt to justify it in gabble language. Let me be honest with you; I believe to reduce frivolities, that people who are politically exposed, who are interested in assuming certain political positions should pay a token amount of money.

''Buhari doesn’t care about it. Today what is legal today to him, may be illegal tomorrow. What is illegal to him tomorrow, may  after tomorrow be legal and to him, the idea of inconsistency, the idea of contradictions does not exist.'', he added.

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