• What shall it Profit Nnia Nwodo, Ohanaeze to Suffer Biafrans and lose their soul in Death? - Biafrans Questions 

  • Chief John Nnia Nwodo led Ohaneze Ndigbo has wittingly chosen to pitch tent with the oppressors of Biafrans in the British contrapted Nigeria. Chief John Nnia Nwodo and his shameless team of saboteurs in the Ohaneze Ndigbo socio-cultural group as he clearly confessed, had strongly resolved to carry on with the perpetuation of treachery. His confession was made during the handshake across the Niger political gathering in Lagos. This article hinges on their blatant refusal to humbly accept the fence- mending/simple conditions which meticulously presented before them as prerequisite for peaceful dialogue by the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). The callous and snubbish display of arrogance by the Ohaneze Ndigbo led by Chief John Nnia Nwodo in connivance with the Southeast governors as led by Governor Dave Umahi, did explicitly confirm their happiness in the suffering and persecution of Igbo Biafrans in the present dysfunctional Nigerian entity. By this disdain for the collective interest of the people by the so-called socio-cultural cum political leaders in Igboland, there is no longer any disputation of the fact that these crop of individuals remain the worst enemies and greatest tragedy of the Igbos in the world.

    With the irrefutably established fact that the insensitive and obnoxious proscription of the activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) within Biafraland as jointly orchestrated by Ohaneze Ndigbo and Southeast governors forum which they have very recently refused to de-proscribe, one is therefore compelled to pose the following questions, viz:

    * What really does the Nnia Nwodo led Ohaneze Ndigbo socio-cultural group stand to gain from the suffering and impoverishment of the Igbos in Nigeria?

    * Why does John Nnia Nwodo constitute himself as an arch-enemy of his presumed people even when the IPOB leadership created an opportunity for his repentance from various atrocious treatments he helped to invent and actualise against Biafrans.

    * Does Nnia Nwodo fully understand the resultant consequences of his affinity with the oppressors of his people whose interests he claimed to be fighting for?

    * If Chief John Nnia Nwodo and his team of blacklegs in Biafraland have powers to proscribe the peaceful and rightful activities of the IPOB as claimed, why then do they lack the same powers to extend the proscription to the terrific/vampiric activities of the Fulani killer herdsmen who relentlessly prowl around Igboland, killing the people and destroying their farms?

    * If through the covert complicity of Ohaneze Ndigbo and Southeast governors the Operation Python Dance II was instigated resulting from IPOB's rejection of the last Anambra State election because of the calls for Biafra referendum, why then their indifference to the well-being and welfare of the hurting/bereaved families whose loved ones were gruesomely murdered by the Nigerian armed forces in Aba, Umuahia and Isiala-Ngwa in the month of September, 2017?

    With the above yet-to-be answered questions, it is necessary to state here that the tears, groanings, teeth gnashings and the wailings of Igbo Biafrans within the Nigerian entity, serve as the greatest source of joy and satisfaction to these shameless and grossly demented crop of saboteurs/sadists. The season has dawned for the Igbos in Biafraland to pointedly designate Chief John Nnia Nwodo, his band of socio-cultural hooligans and the ravenous Southeast governors as the sworn enemies of the people. They mischievously proscribed the globally acclaimed peaceful activities of the IPOB and orchestrated the bloody Operation Python Dance II that claimed hundreds of lives of the innocent, harmless and armless promising young Igbo Biafrans. These evils they plotted and executed, to service the murderous interests of their Sokoto Caliphate slavemasters/Abuja cabals. They have chosen to remain subservient to these Nigerian vampiric oppressors via their adamant refusal to jointly de-proscribe what obviously turned out to be a mistaken and forced display of power under the pressure of their Islamic demigods. Without consultation, they have totally fallen into the trap as they woefully failed to understand that the set time has come for the proscription of the Ohaneze Ndigbo within Biafraland by the people. This group has seriously constituted itself as a threat to both the corporate existence and security of Igbo Biafrans.

    Concluding at this juncture therefore, "what does the John Nnia Nwodo led Ohaneze Ndigbo realistically and profitably gain from the suffering and enslavement of the Igbos in this evil enclave called Nigeria"? The enlightened are seriously awaiting answer(s) to the above poser if these self-serving individuals could courageously proffer any.

    Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
    For Family Writers Press

    Edited by Peter Oshagwu
    For Family Writers Press

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