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Time To Know The Real Elders Of Biafra Land Has Come, Watch And See - Activist, Emeka Gift Explodes

Gradually those that own the land, I mean the real elders of the land, the true representative of the people, those we shall be proud of, those that will stand bold and speak the minds of their people. The storm is ranging, the atmosphere is cloudy, the sun is about to set. The stooge setup by Fulani Caliphate to enslave our people will soon disappear, their days are numbered and their time is running out. We shall chase them away, Ohaneze Ndi Igbo is a political stooge set up by Fulani caliphate to mortgage our future. Soon that political stooge will exist no more, very soon the true elders of the land will fully take up their responsibilities as the elders of the land and the representative of the people. Wider Consultations still ongoing.


- Emeka Gift:

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