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The Time For Biafra To Go Has Come, Let All Nations Support Biafra Movement - Isreali President Plead

Isreali president urges all nations to support Biafra:

 The president of Isreal, Reuven Rivlin yesterday in his twitter, shows his concern about Biafrans.

 He said that the time for Biafrans to go has come, he urges all nations to support Biafra movement. 

He said that Biafra is a great nation, if they can be on their own.
Isreali president urges all nations to support Biafra:

1 comment:

  1. Indirect rule which is more dangerous than direct rule was a deal the Britain signed when they agreed to release the colonised countries to believe they are independent.

    They have churches(freedom of religion) ,
    instutitions(dfid) ,
    individuals(dual citizen ship)
    ,families(royal families eg Aguleri on anambra state)
    communities (Niger delta )
    , states (oil states)
    They are still in active link with important area of the countries they colonised to milk the country both spiritually physical economically ,socially, financially,emotionally,intellectually,mentally,even in their physical absence they have a global presence on you countries .
    This act is what they call international global witchcraft operation
    So each time you try to rise as independent nation you even see a worse fall check out south Africa and india.

    Any country that has been colonised has been penetrated by this colonial masters they know deep into your roots and has established connections into this roots they use indirectly to step down on your every effort to rise above the standard they have wanted for you as the kind of independence they signed and agreed to which is indirect rule meaning they have not totally given you charge of your destines if not why have no Africa currency risen to challenge western currency in the world that is when you truely know you and independent nation ability to rise against and above your colonies the western world ,we dream to see African nations leading in the world.
    But that dream is being shattered by our indirect rule signed by out colonial master to always remain under their checks and balance in everything
    Religion matters
    Political matters
    Business matters
    Technology matters
    Intellectual matters
    Mental acumen.
    Agricultural matters
    Production matters
    Telecommunications matters
    Internet world

    But this things african are blessed with yet they remain slave to the western world about it due to the limitation of indirect rule signed by their colonial masters against their destines headed by Queen of england
    The smart big and longest ever lived witch against african destines.
    Everybody pays homage to Britain even Obama the one time first black president of a power nation as America even paid her homage,
    Even Islamic caliphate pay her homage because she controls them because she is one of them in disguise of christainity.
    Throwing all sorts of arrow at entire world in the name of dorminating on control by intimidation both spiritually and physically emotionally financially mentally socially only religious intimidation has defiled you because that is the area of God's dominion that is why you insisted in Britain nobody talks about religion matters because you can't deal with it it will expose your witchcraft against the entire world.

    what other prove does the world need to true serve as an evidence to deliver home my point that that British monarchy is obviously a witch hunting the entire world down to her knees in her monarch Anglican believe as against the monarch catholic believe ruling the world the reason henry broke away from catholic faith is to rise against the catholic faith through witch craft authority hunting down opposition forces arising from the catholic faith through marriage outside the catholic faith to undermine their baptism form those who hold marriages first before God in defence of their catholic faiths that they hunt down easily.


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