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Serve The Zoo and Come Back In Shame - IPOB

Ekweremadu was proud of his collusion with DSS that brought Operation Python Dance 2 to kill IPOB family members.

Today the same Fulani he connived with to bring Python Dance to Biafraland are messing him up. Only a fool will fight for Ekweremadu.

He collaborated with the enemy to kill those that sacrificed their lives to set him free, all because he wants to be vice presidential candidate to Atiku Abubakar. Because of common Zoo politics, Ekweremadu wanted IPOB leader, his parents and countless others dead. All Ekweremadu needs to do now to be free is to remind his Fulani captors what a good servant he was and will always be to the Fulani caliphate.

By Aiden Dillion

Published by Eco City Reporters Blog

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