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I'm Convinced that something is Wrong With You, Stop Praising Buhari and Join your Family - Actor Joseph Okechukwu, Nollywood Actor Blasts Kenneth Okonkwo


Dear Ken. I had just read from the Daily Post online Newspaper, your response to the backlash that followed that infamous pro Buhari speech and I became genuinely troubled in my spirit. No offense intended, but I am sincerely worried about your cognitive disposition at this time. Could something more damaging have happened to your brain or did you suffer from severe shock or is it that you unconsciously slid into a state of illusory phantasmagoria? Like I said, offense or insult is not intended at all. You’re my big brother, both in age and in career and I’m careful to respect that, but I’m deeply worried. 

In your response, you referred to those who are casting aspersions on you as “ignorant”, “wicked”, etc. I guess I’m about the first person who put out a video to correct the downright misleading impression you gave at that event - where you inaccurately praised your new “hero”, Muhammadu Buhari, ascribing “good governance” to his disaster of a regime. And for the records, I’m neither “ignorant” nor “wicked”.  I guess you’d say you meant people who were or are outrightly cursing you. Well, whoever in particular that was meant for, we’re all in it together. 

But here’s what got me worried about your response, Ken. In a bid to further buttress your facts, you started mentioning how Boko Haram bombed everywhere then but not anymore now. You also mentioned how that security of lives and properties have improved tremendously under Buhari, as opposed to the previous regime, and so on. Everyone reading that piece will immediately conclude something has gone fundamentally wrong with you, my brother. And that’s why I’m not necessarily writing to attack you but to correct yet another crazy impression and as well plead with our people to cease fire and rather pray for you. And I mean this. 

Like you, I am from Enugu State. In your own village of Nsukka, Herdsmen repeatedly maimed and massacred innocent women, children and men. Repeatedly! For the people of Benue and much of the Middle Belt, it has been a tale of horror and bloodshed. A situation so bad General Theophilus Danjuma called out a regime he helped enthrone; So bad the middle belt of Nigeria now seeks self determination in their recent quest for Referendum; So bad the Benue State Governor had to decamp to PDP - Benue Youths walked him out of the APC on account of the party’s insensitivity to the killings on their land. International agencies and organizations have unanimously slammed our government for its lackadaisical attitude in handling the herdsmen killings. They wondered why a government that was so quick to proscribe a non violent organization like IPOB has vehemently refused to proscribe the herdsmen. You have no thoughts on this! 

Should I also ask if you haven’t been reading the news lately on the resurgence of Boko Haram and how their unrelenting assault on the Nigerian soldiers have gotten the Chief of Army staff so furious and frustrated as currently published on Premium Times? Is that the sign of defeat for Boko Haram that you were referring to? So, as far as you’re concerned, both security and economy has faired much better under this regime? Ken, to be honest, I actually feel very ashamed right now, that I’m having to point these things out to you. 

The  suffering of Igbos under Muhammadu Buhari’s regime has gotten so bad that even some of his own kinsmen are genuinely showing pity and saying sorry to us. All we have gotten out of this regime so far has been Total Economic black out (emasculation) of the Eastern Region - flagrantly displayed in the selective witch hunting of notable billionaire businessmen of Igbo extraction (Ibeto, Seahorse Oil, IFEANYI UBA, Emzor, Innoson, etc.), Zero Federal presence in the Eastern Region, wanton loss of human lives and capacity, intimidation, harassment, etc. 

Which one of these evils done to your people are you unaware of, Ken? Have you ever raised your voice, even if not against these acts of wickedness, but at least in solidarity with your people? I have, repeatedly and the records are there. Now you want to rule over us by kissing the man who hates us so much? You don’t sound normal, Ken. It’s either you’ve been cloned or you’ve been thoroughly brainwashed in a real life mind control situation. And I’m not one to hate on people for having divergent views. I’m truly truly concerned. 

You are just one man. You are not greater than your own people. I expected a sober response to the spontaneous vituperations that you’ve had to deal with. You should’ve seen those coming, Ken. If I were you, even if i still wanted to be seen as defiant, I would’ve adopted a much more conciliatory tone in my response. So, now that you have clinched your fists and challenged much of the wounded Igbo nation to a fight, how many more punches would you have to throw before you realize it’s a dead end? Ife a agbaro aka (this isn’t normal). 

From now on, I will appeal to every one of us to please pray for Ken. Cursing and casting aspersions are expected but let’s also remember that this man, if redeemed, can also become an asset(hopefully). We shouldn’t celebrate the loss of one another. We should glory more in their redemption. What is happening to our brother is not normal, whether he agrees or not. Let us all pray for him, please. Hopefully, he will soon come back to his senses and reunite with his family. Family is everything. May I be cursed if ever intentionally betray the land of my birth!
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