Saturday, 25 August 2018

A young Artist Ugochineyere makes a shocking revelation, says " I Was Rejected By My Own, But Adopted By Another" 

Biafra is indeed a spirit, if you are not meant to be part of it, you can never be, irrespective of your magical powers. I have been inspired to put down this piece just to encourage the Biafran youths and as well teach our families, especially parents lessons they might never learn anywhere on this planet earth. The road to freedom is never a bed of roses, it becomes more strict at the ending episodes. 

I have been in this path for three good years and for sure, has never regretted my decisions. It's true that I have gone through so much predicaments, so many others have too. We all have our own stories to tell. 

But, I will never forget to state some things; probably they might seem cool and normal, but I see things differently.  I was caught up in the center of favor this day. 

I was brought up without a mum, and has never witnessed the love of a mother. However, for the sake of Biafra, I have been adopted by an Irish woman Mrs Jean Harnett, who has only loved me because of who I am. This might mean nothing to you, but it does mean alot to me, because it has never happened to me. 

I have only known Mrs Jean (Mum) for a little period of time, she has been so supportive to the Biafra struggle. She promised to be a mother to me and to support my zeal for Biafra. She is not a Biafran, but she truly know the importance of freedom. 

So many parents frustrates their children and tries to make things unbearable for them just because of the path they have chosen. Biafra freedom is the freedom of everyone so I don't still understand why they behave that way. 

Is it fear of losing their children? Have we been save in Nigeria? Isn't it better to die for something than dying for nothing.

By Ugochinyere Onyechere For Umuchiukwu Writers. 

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