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A great History Repeated itself, IPOB Women Records in Owerri what happened in 1929 in Aba - IPOB Declares

History recorded that our mothers marched in 1929 in Aba to oppose British tyranny. Today, 2018, they are also marching in opposition to Islamic terror and oppression by Fulani north. 

Through the ages, our Biafra mothers have shown their uniqueness and bravery before armed bandits, be they British soldiers in Aba in 1929 or Nigerian Army and Police in Owerri in 2018. This day, the 17th of August 2018 will be remembered in history as we do 1929. 

What we demanding is our freedom from Islamic oppression. Slaves in government houses in the South East, Efulefus and Ohaneze Ndigbo/Fulani will not understand this. We demand for the freedom to live as free men and women under the blessing of the Most High Chukwu Okike Abiama puru ime ihe nile. Our hope is not in man or institution but anchored firmly in the abiding and redeeming grace of ancient words spoken before the creation of man that the children of light must inherit their inheritance. 

We are special, we are Biafrans, the most gifted, advanced, civilised and blessed race in Africa, if not the world. We have come that we may bring light to the continent of darkness and evil known as Africa. 


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