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2019: PVC Are For Fools, Boycott Is For The Wise Ones - Biafrans Explodes

But some demented fools and their killer political masters will still wax lyrical about the beauty of PVC and need to sustain the criminal enterprise that is Zoo democracy. 

Why bother with an electoral process that only perpetuates your misery? Here lies that clear difference between the brain of a white person and that of your typical black African baboon. No white country will go to the polls under such obvious criminally fraudulent conditions but according to Nigerians (Africans), 'man must chop' hence the need to sell your vote for a paltry 1, 000 Naira in exchange for 4 years of untold hardship. Only black Africans can be this foolish. 

I remain insistent that the brain of a black man is not developed enough to dissect and appropriately reconcile conflicting life interest between immediate self preservation of- let us sell our PVC for a plate of food today and long term survival which is- let us starve for one day and have a better life forever. 

A black man is incapable of kicking out the same system that have enslaved him for decades because his mind is not disciplined enough to reject the immediate need of a bowl of soup in return for a lifetime of prosperity. 

This is the core message IPOB should drive home before 2019 elections. A successful boycott of elections in 2019 along with the many other great things IPOB is doing, like referendum, will bring our misery as Biafrans to an abrupt and permanent halt.

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