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An online Photo has been trending where the Founder of Family Writers Press, Mazi Emeka Gift was captured publishing articles during a popular wedding ceremony in Ivory Coast.
The FWP founder was unknowingly caught by the camera man, as he was deeply engulfed in the spirit of Biafra.

 "He gave 100% of his attention to articles written by the ever resolute members of Family Writers Press, which according to him needed urgent publication, even though he is at the high table of the wedding ceremony," Deputy National leader of Family Writers Press, Paul Ihechi Alagba reacted.

 "How he focused and concentrated on his gadget in that picture shows his spirit is revolving round the Biafra restoration project, not even at the wedding gala...We have few of his likes in the struggle," the Senior Analyst of Family Writers Press noted.

Meanwhile, a deep investigation by Family Writers Press reveals that this is not the first time Emeka Gift has been bursted while seriously and unapologetically propelling the media wing of the gospel of Biafra restoration.

When interviewed by correspondents of Family Writers Press, Emeka Gift remained unapologetic over his passionate service to millions of Biafrans all over the world.

  "Even in church, Priest will be preaching and I will be doing my stuff hoping that God will understand that I am working for humanity. Someone in church one day questioned me when I was publishing articles inside the church and I boldly told him that I am also working to liberate the oppressed people of Biafra and he closed his mouth. No regret doing my stuff from wherever I am," the media guru stated.

Emeka Gift can located on Twitter via his handle @EmekaGift; he is also very much active on Facebook where he has his personal account and a page with over a hundred thousand followers.

Extracted from Family Writers Press

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