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Meeting With Ohaneze Ndigbo Others  A Strategic  Approach  - IPOB  

Press  Release  
July 11, 2018

The meeting between IPOB, selected Igbo elders and Ohaneze Ndigbo is the first of many such meetings that will be held in the next 2 months to map out and agree an unambiguously strategic approach to the myriad of problems afflicting our people. Our expectation is that at the end of the process, all thorny issues regarding the role certain  individuals and groups played in the instigation of the murderous Operation Python Dance II will be adequately ventilated and addressed.  

Other major issues such as the illegal proscription of IPOB and terrorist tag dominated the deliberations. Those that hastily banned IPOB activities in the South East, that precipitated the illegal moved by the  Federal Government to proscribe IPOB has been given between now and the next meeting to do the needful. 

It is our conviction that it is immoral and makes a mockery of natural justice for peaceful, non-violent IPOB to be hamstrung in its efforts to checkmate Fulani terrorists by a ban imposed by the same South East governors whose states are under siege. 

The fate of our missing leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his father, HRM Eze Sir Israel Okwu Kanu, the Egwu-Ukwu 2 of Afaraukwu and his mother Ugoeze Sally N. Kanu were also tabled. We are confident that at the next meeting a lot of satisfactory answers will be provided to enable IPOB close this sad chapter  in our history. 

For reasons bothering on integrity and confidentiality, we are not at liberty to delve into the minutiae of what transpired at the meeting or the identity of those that attended. IPOB is the largest mass movement in the world with an impeccable global reputation. We are not in the business of public disclosure of confidential exchanges regardless of pressure or temptation. 

At this present time, we are engaged in sensitive discussions with institutions, governments and agencies around the world. They need to be reassured that under no circumstances will any aspect of our deliberations be divulged to a third party or made public without their prior consent and approval. The same principle applies in our meetings with Igbo leaders until a joint final communique is issued. 

Our ongoing dialogue with Igbo leaders and Ohaneze Ndigbo, has come at a very critical stage when the might of IPOB is required to address common security challenges. IPOB would not like to be seen as exerting undue pressure on those involved in making difficult life changing decisions that will undoubtedly determine the success or failure of the parley.  


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