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Dr. Isuwa Dogo, The National Publicity Secretary Of The Middle Belt Tag Miyetti Allah Group As A Terrorist Organisation Not Farmer/herdsmen

The National Publicity Secretary of the Middle Belt Forum, Dr. Isuwa Dogo, described Miyetti Allah as a terrorist organisation.

He said the Miyetti Allah members should not be walking free but be jailed.

Dogo said, “If security agencies were alive to their responsibilities, these guys talking here should not be walking free on the streets of Nigeria because they are terrorists.”

He said the media should stop tagging the conflict as farmer/herder crisis but terrorism.

The Middle Belt spokesman said there was a deliberate attempt to exterminate his people.

Dogo added that the herdsmen like pretending to be victims but never revealed photos of their slain kinsmen.

“How many of our people have gone to kill Fulani people in their (Fulani) villages? How many Fulani have been burnt?,” he asked.

Dogo said 268 people were killed in the Plateau attack as opposed to the 86 being reported in the media.

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