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Didn't Buhari claim that Abacha was not a thief? Why sharing his loot? Secondus ask

Uche Secondus, national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has faulted the move by Buhari's government to spend recoverd loot of Sani Abacha on the poor.

Secondus wonders why Buhari who once claimed that the former military dictator never stole Nigeria's money, will say his loot will be shared to the poor. 

“Didn’t the president claim that Abacha never stole any money? The president does not know what he says. This government is a wasteful one,” he said.

“Now, everything about the Abacha loot is a deceit. Who does he want to deceive? He wants to take or use it for election. Where in this world do you spend government money without budgeting for it? If you recover money from Abacha or any other person for that matter, put it in the budget.

“He wants to take it for election. He wants to deceive Nigerians. Did you see him in Lagos to commiserate with the people over the fire incident that led to the deaths of many people and more than 50 cars burnt? No, he will not go there because he is a sectional leader. This is an insensitive president. He does not care about the life of an ordinary Nigerian.”

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