Saturday, 7 July 2018

Christian Leaders In Nigeria And The Mockery

It's a pity that Innocent People Are Dying on daily basis and the so called Christian association leaders are laughing with the dictator called Buhari who can't protect the interest of other Religion bodies in Nigeria.

 Christianity in Nigeria needs serious Questions honestly.

Am beginning to suspect these people because their silent has cost more damage than good. Could it be that they are afraid of the infidel or They are supporting his Cruel act?

 Anyway in a situation whereby the Vice President a Yoruba man is a Christian and can't even make a condemnation Speech regarding the Unstoppable killings under his Administration, is it the CAN president who is also a Yoruba man that will say something? Oh No! Nigeria is an abomination to mankind. Continue laughing one day you all will pay for your atrocities meted against the innocent Christians and Biafrans.

By Sunibest Okafor
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