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You must stop killing of innocent citizens –U.S. tells Buhari's Govt

The United States Ambassador in Nigeria, Mr Dtyart Symington, yesterday, condemned the massacre of about a 86 persons in Plateau State, declaring that Nigerian leaders and citizens have the powers to stop these killings if they acted with a unity of purpose. Symington, who stated this at a ceremony to celebrate the 242 Independence Anniversary of the United States of America, observed that the deaths of innocent men, women and children have become too frequent in the country.

“Every day, all across this land, we work with good people to save lives and bend upwards the curve of economic growth, so that real opportunity and hope will outpace need. But far too often, we are the deaths of innocents whose hopes are stopped for ever by those whose awful acts reflect no good and serve no cause.

These innocents must not be forgotten. “Nigerian leaders and citizens have it in their power to make this killing stop now if you are united across all regions, all occupations and all faiths
“When you act together with sincerity and high purpose and sustained effort, you will end this violence. Security that lasts depends on strong citizens who support each other and their governments. It is as much a product of trust forged by opportunities shared and rules fairly enforced on level playing fields as it is the product of force wisely applied to answer threat,” he said.

Symington applauded all those who put together the independence celebration, adding that the ceremony afforded the Embassy an opportunity to take stock of the activities of the United States in Nigeria. He said that over the years, the US and Nigeria have been in a partnership for people, peace and prosperity.

He proposed the raising of 10 million mentors to guide young Nigerians and assist them to reach their goals. Symington beckoned on his diplomatic colleagues and members of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) network to lead the way in the mentorship programme in Nigeria. According to him, if each of the ten million people, mentors several clusters of citizens, the cumulative effect could change the course of Nigeria and the world at large

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