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Release Sen. Abaribe Now Or Charge Him To Court For Bail, He Is Innocent - Uche Mefor Tells Nigeria DSS

Alphonsus Uche Okafor-Mefor, the deputy director of IPOB worldwide, wrote:

Concocting lies against Senator Abaribe, an innocent  man for being bold to stand by the truth on the incompetence and maladministration of this shameless, almajiri , jihadist and terror sponsor, Muhammadu Buhari,  will come not and will trigger the greatest mass action not yet seen in the checkered history of this abomination called Nigeria and may lead the much-awaited calamitous collapse. 

IPOB demands that Senator Abaribe is released from custody or charge him to court and grant him bail.

The allegation  that the distinguished Senator is involved in gun-running and sponsoring IPOB is all the more laughable because no politician can sponsor IPOB. 

It is on record that Fulani Heardsmen are on massive gun-running and breeding horror and raking havoc on a seismic, colossal and collateral scale but neither them nor their sponsors have been taken in by the overzealous, lawless DSS agents but sons and daughters of the blessed Land of Biafra are molested and humiliated at every available opportunity. 
Now is the time for all one-nigerianists especially politicians and their gullible followers from Biafraland to see and appreciate that this empire of DEMON holds no future for you. If you believe in Nigeria, you will die, if you fight for your freedom you will die, choose ye today continous slavery and servitude  in the Zoo called Nigeria or your freedom in Biafra. 

Senator Abaribe and all Biafrans in detention must be released.'

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