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"If Nigerians do not act with immediate effect the death may knock on your door tonight, Kanu Warned You People" - Danruwa Ya-Kaduna 

I could remember vividly when the young vibrant man from the Eastern part of Nigeria, an Intelligent freedom fighter, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu. I could remember when he started the campaign to raise awareness of the oncoming Fulani cattle dominance and genocide, the people distanced themselves from him and called him names, most especially the people of Benue State. 

This man was arrested and jailed for almost 3 years for spilling out the truth to Nigerians, He realized that Truth is totally not accepted in the country, the foundation to which Britain built the country was on lies. He also called the people Monkeys and baboons because the people were short-sighted they were very lazy intellectually to see the impending doom before them. 

Then he called the country Nigeria a zoo and a cattle republic, so many frowned at it and wanted him killed simply because he told them that they are reared like animals in the zoo and not bonafide citizens of a country like anywhere else in the world. But after many things gone bad, lives lost then it started to glimpse fact and clear picture to the eyes of Nigerians that they are in one hell of a big mess. 

Today we in other parts of Africa countries are still asking the Nigerian Military to give account and provide this man, Nnamdi Kanu is another Pan-Africanist, a savior sent to redeem the people, 80% of Africans became eye opened on the coming of Nnamdi Kanu. We collectively as Africans are aware that our suffering is as a result of the fact that we still have a colonial and western structure in our land and our systems. 

We still have their representatives in the place of Old and analog leaders who are set before us to bring us down and set us backward. It is time for Africans to change their destinies in whatever way it may cost. lives were lost to build Europe and America and China, that is why you see development in those regions. The old men holding Africa down needs to go down and their colonial slave masters and every system brought to us needs immediate deportations. 

The FULANIS are on Arab errand mission to conquer the richest part of Africa and take over it in preparation for Arab invasion. the same thing happen in Egypt, Turkey Morocco including Tunisia and Libya these places were dominated black race countries but today look at it. If Nigerians do not act with immediate effect the death may knock on your door tonight.

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