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Since after operation python dance in his fathers Palace.. After they killed 38 BIAFRANS no one have ever seen nor heard from you.

The enemies believed that taking him away or killing him will stop Biafra restoration program, little did they know that Nnamdi_Kanu has build a great foundation of a superior ideology in the mind of an average Biafran.

Without his presence 30TH of May was a success. The people of Biafra have spoken and we shall all continue until Biafra come.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu indeed you are not just a Great leader but a Great achiever.. Our success of 30th May sit-at-home must be credited to you whether life or dead. We love you sir.

BIAFRANS this Great Prince of Biafra land deserve prayers from each and every one of you out there.


Biafra must be restored without a sound of bullet.. Ideology is our mortal weapon and its working like a peril Automatic.

God bless Biafra, God bless Nnamdi Kanu.

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