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Ohaneze call for restructuring, belated- Barrister Kingsley Emeruwa

"On the alleged insensitivity of Igbo leaders towards the plight of their kinsmen, the human right activist regretted that they have failed to maximise “a golden opportunity” provided by Nnamdi Kanu to negotiate a fair deal for the race. Emeruwa alleged that instead of leveraging on IPOB’s agitation as a bargaining power for a better share of the national patrimony, South East leaders and the political elite connived with the Federal Government to get rid of Kanu, who they considered a threat to their political future.

“They erroneously believed that Kanu would take the shine off them, and that is why instead of leveraging on the opportunity provided by IPOB Leader and Nnamdi Kanu to advance the Igbo cause, they saw Kanu as a threat and sabotaged him. It took only a man they thought was mad to galvanise Ndigbo without firing any shot. But Ohanaeze and Igbo Governors at the peak of the agitation betrayed that cause. They were quick to proscribe IPOB after their meeting in Enugu.

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