Monday, 14 May 2018


Last year's 30th May 2017, the 'Sit at Home' order observed by Biafans greatly shook the foundations of this expired contraption called Nigeria to the extent the Fulani caliphate hurriedly, through their Arewa youths issued a three (3) months quit notice to all the Igbo people living in any part of the North to vacate the North in or less than three months or face dire consequences for failure to go. It was as serious as that, just because IPOB declared a 'Sit at Home' order as a memorial event to honour the heroes and heroines killed by the Nigerian government during the War and still being killed till date by the Nigerian Army, Police, Navy etc.

Unity, they said is strength. We did it last year, 30th May, 2017, we shall do it again even better this year 30th May, 2018 and damn the consequences! Who cares? Biafrans, do we really care? No, we don't! All we want is Biafra.

The north, infact, Nigerians as a whole never believed the whole of the Eastern region could be united for once for any cause, that is one of the reasons they always take us for granted. But last year's 30th May 'Sit at Home' ordered by IPOB and observed by all Biafrans, proved them wrong. It opened their eyes to see that things have changed for good for Biafrans. It is a new dawn for Biafrans. Their eyes were opened and they saw that power has changed hands. Their eyes were opened and they saw that Biafra is here, and that was why they were moved and they hurriedly gave that quit notice last year.

But relax my brethren, they have not seen anything yet. Last year's 30th May was simply "testing the microphone". If they could cry like that and be moved in pain to take that naughty action just at the level of "testing the microphone", then, I do not know what they will do this year by the time we finished observing this year's 30th May 'Sit at Home' which shall be total and complete lock down in every nook and cranny of Biafra land. They will not only give another quit notice, they should be prepared to declare Biafra by themselves because it would be a total lock down of all the streets, roads, markets, shops, schools, offices, churches, etc in Biafra land, in Nigeria wherever Biafrans live and do businesses and in diaspora too wherever Biafrans are found. 'Ò ga adi kwa kpo kpo' this year. I am feeling it already as I write this article. Be readily prepared.

What we are saying is, this year's 30th May, 2018 is not optional, neither is it negotiable. It is a #MUST that all Biafrans should 'Sit at Home' that day. Again, to avoid these uncultured Nigerian murderous security agencies from seeing you on the streets, roads and falsely label you miscreants, disrupting people's peace just to kill you on that day, remain indoors. Remember, no government will question them, just leave the streets and roads for them throughout that day.

30th May is sacrosanct!

God bless Biafra and Biafrans!

God bless Mazi Nnamdi KANU

By Her Excellency Oluchi Christy

For: Family Writers Press.

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